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for the fast-tracker with a punch list, Sara's retainer services let you set the priorities.

you're ready to hop off the content creation machine and show up consistently online, but that doesn't mean it's easy to trust someone else with what matters most in your business: your messaging strategy.

your business is in a season of growth and change, and you need a writer you can trust to maintain your consistent brand voice while adapting to your ever-changing project to-do list.

Good News: If you found yourself nodding along as you read this, MY RETAINER SERVICE is right for you.

Curious what I can check off your to-do list in five writing hours per month? let’s find out...together.

1:1 strategy meeting
My retainer services are all about you, so remember: YOU are the director here, and you get to choose the projects that we’ll work on each month!

Retainer clients get a 1:1 strategy session every month to set your project to-do list.

• Done-for-You Writing (offline)
THEN, I'll ride off into the proverbial sunset (or, as copywriters often do, into my Airpods-muffled world) to do what I do best: write.

As for you? Use this time to hang out in your zone of genius or serve your people. In other words, you do YOU, friend. I’ve got this.

What YOU get? FIVE hours of done-for-you writing time + implementation on your BLOG, email list, and more!

• it's copy delivery time!
at the end of the MONTH (OR ON SET DELIVERY DAYS), i'll send over all of your deliverables, place your copy WHERE IT NEEDS TO BE, and thank you kindly for trusting me with your brand and your business. 

let me write for you every month

What's included:

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I love serving creative business owners, from photographers and make-up artists to florists, wellness coaches and more, by crafting copy that’s word-magic for you and for your ideal client.

And as a strategist and an educator at heart, I’m excited to work side by side with YOU, friend, to serve up a hefty dose of YOUR personality in your brand messaging. Let’s drop-kick the tired ol’ strategy that everyone else in your industry is using and change the script to what makes YOU different, so you can serve your people better and sell to them more, too.

i'm sara, copywriter, boy mama + teacher at heart

meet your word-magic maker

what Clients are Saying

- Brittnie, Brittnie Renee Photography

when i decided to relaunch my website, i had the words, but they were missing that extra oomph i needed to really stand out. sara took my thoughts (like she plucked them from my brain!) and turned them into beautiful results.

you will not regret this investment! she truly is a word wizard and dives into your natural voice to use your words.

When writing my ‘About Me’ page, Sara captured my voice SO WELL! She dove into my Instagram and learned about me and my personality. I hired her for a VIP Day because she learned my brand voice and can serve my email list in a way that connects with them and also converts to bookings. Sara is THE BEST!

— Jada, Selah Space

Sara took the nonsense i dumped onto the table and turned it into a beautiful sales page and set of emails. i felt supported and seen throughout the entire efficient process. that she goes above and beyond is an incredible understatement.

it's only day one of my launch, but the emails have had great click rates and numerous replies. i've already had three people register for my program!

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6 payments of

6 monthly payments


3 payments of


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EMAIL LIST: Custom 2-3 email welcome sequence or sales sequence; Creation of custom freebie lead magnet in Canva + a 2-3 email sequence to support it; Email design, copy placement, segment creation + workflow automation in Flodesk

CONTENT: 2-3 SEO-optimized blog posts

what can sara get done EACH MONTH FOR ME ON RETAINER?

I’m a student of YOUR voice, and I analyze every single piece of your writing that I can find, from your Instagram captions to your client guides. Overall, I use a combination of tactics and techniques to pull together your messaging in a way that feels authentic to you and your brand.

I also assign a pretty hefty pre-work questionnaire before our time together to ensure that I have all of the information I need to make your project successful.

how can SARA capture my unique brand voice?


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Praise Hands

"Sara is the real deal. She not only writes beautifully, but she really SEES her clients so that she can write in words that make sense for their personality and business. Sara is kind and supportive and when you work with her you gain a cheerleader. Copywriting might not be as sexy as some other parts of business, but it matters in connecting with your ideal client. Working with Sara will get you one step farther to more of the clients you love."


"Working with sara was a dream! She helped me take my words and make them into magic that showcases my services and personality on my website. She was kind and encouraging while giving feedback, and she helped me elevate my website copy to target my ideal audience."


"Sara took the time to not only know what I wanted to convey but HOW best to say it in my personal voice. She sounds more like me than I sound like myself. She delivers first class copy that has taken my website to the next level.

You could hire 3 different copywriters over time, or you could just hire Sara and get it done correctly the first time."


"You are not going to regret this investment; working with sara is hands down one of the best moves I've made for my business. I have clients booking me purely because my website is portrayed as more professional when compared to others in my area, and they know they're going to be getting a professional experience!"


"when i decided to relaunch my website, i had the words, but they were missing that extra oomph i needed to really stand out. sara took my thoughts (like she plucked them from my brain!) and turned them into beautiful results. sara truly is a word wizard and dives into your natural voice to use your words."


"I turned to Sara when I needed to uplevel my website copy. I moved from a rural southern town to a sophisticated city, and my copy needed to match my new clientele. She not only did that, but she also wove my personality into the copy and made it sound like me! I would highly recommend Sara for all your copy needs. She’s a joy to work with and makes the process easy and fun! Plus, her VIP days are gold because you have all your copy in one day!"


"As a photographer, writing can be overwhelming. i know who i am and what i want to say, but is it seo friendly? will it resonate with potential clients enough so they choose to book me? sara has written my website copy, my email nurture sequence, blog posts and more for my business and has managed to weave my personality throughout my brand. all of my copy is Me; it is such a beautiful thing to know that my clients are getting authenticity every step of the way!"


"working with sara was so easy! i immediately felt as if she understood my business and pain points in creating a sales page. she came up with great ideas, and her copywriting was so simple to plug into my site! i now feel confident in potential clients coming to my website, knowing that it is beautifully worded to sell. i'm so thankful for her help and would definitely recommend her to others!"



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