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  • You know that your website needs to share your heart for photographing your clients, but the task of writing copy that communicates the value of your photography services feels so overwhelming.

  • You love the relationships and connections you've built with your loyal photography clients, but new inquiries have stalled because your website just doesn't share your heart and your vision as an artist in an authentic, this-sounds-like-me way.

  • You enjoy sharing your images and engaging with your followers on social media, but the endless obligation to create content leaves you feeling exhausted and wishing your website worked harder for you.

  • You care so much about your clients and your messaging that you want to learn how to communicate with them effectively, so hiring a done-for-you copywriter just doesn't feel right.

this course is for you

photographer friend,
if "write your website copy" is still sitting unchecked on your to-do list,

you can learn to write website copy that shares who you are and what you do, and you don't have to do it alone.

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building your searchability and messaging know-how to attract your dream clients with ease and personality

showing up as yourself in your business and on your website, without relying only on social media to share your value

feeling creatively inspired and validated by dream clients that value you and your services

saying goodbye to that stack of website copywriting to-dos in favor of a roadmap that works for you

this is possible for you ...

in a world where everyone is creating courses that promise success...

As an former educator for nearly ten years and a copywriter who's supported more than 30 photographers, I know how to teach you to leave behind generic, "professional" website copy and pack in the personality instead.

You can show up as yourself online and attract your dreamiest clients, too.

Rely on a course - and a website copywriting roadmap - that actually delivers results.

why should you trust this one?

You're a photographer who's ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN in your business. 

You're eager to learn and are self-motivated.

You're excited to put in the work to see marketing results.

Who You Are...

What's  Included:

This course offers eight modules of how-to video lessons and Sara's practical and proven copywriting formulas and swipe files.

Together, Words That Click shares the tools you need to write website copy that feels like you.

video lessons and swipe file templates

Once your copy is written, how do you take it from Google Doc to your website?

Watch Sara place each section of copy on a Showit website template that's been professionally designed for photographers like you.

take your copy from google doc to your website

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Get your photography biz questions answered each month...forever

Monthly 1:1 Voxer Access to Sara + Lifetime Access to the Course

Bonus Training:

A Photographer's Guide to Blogging

Guest Expert - Brittnie Renee, Educator + Photographer

Bonus Training:

Mindset + Confidence

Guest Expert - Sabrina Gebhardt, Educator + Photographer

Before we dive into writing website copy, it's essential to spend time unpacking why it's so dang important and how to do it right! The first five lessons inside words that click do just that.

  • Lesson 1: Why Copy is Different from Content
  • lesson 2: the three rs of effective copy
  • lesson 3: seo - keyword research
  • lesson 4: seo - page titles + meta descriptions
  • lesson 5: recommended seo resources

Module 1:
website copy basics

Module 2: "Home" Page website copy
  • video lessons + swipe file for your online "welcome mat" ($97 value)

module 3: "About" page website copy
  • video lessons + swipe file to endear your clients to who you are + what you offer ($97 value)

module 4: "services" page website copy
  • video lessons + Swipe file to teach you how to sell the experience of working with you ($97 value)

module 5: "portfolio" page website copy
  • video lessons + swipe file to help google crawl your page full of beautiful images ($47 value)

module 6: "Contact" page website copy
  • video lessons + Swipe file for one of the most overlooked - yet most impactful - website pages ($47 value)

modules 2-6:
core website pages

the course modules:

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Module 7: sales Page website copy
  • video lessons + swipe file for sara's must-have sales page elements to share your offer, clarify your deliverables, and serve your aligned clients ($197 value)

module 8: blogging for seo
  • video lessons on seo keyword research, sara's four must-have blog post elements, and a yoast tutorial to optimize your blog post's searchability ($47 value)

modules 7-8:
selling + blogging

- kelly, be creative design co.

before working with sara, my website was focused solely on the services I offer, not the person behind them. With Sara's help, I was able to beautifully connect what I do with who I am. i can now see myself in my business and my website.

- kelsey, wonderfully made gifting co.

I did not have a clear direction as to where I was going with my business, how to communicate with people efficiently, or how to come up with marketing content.

Sara helped clarify how to best speak to my audience and simplify content creation, identify what my next steps to a better customer experience are, and create some bomb copy and SEO for my new website! I seriously feel so good in my business now.

- brittnie, brittnie renee photography

Working with sara on my website copy and email strategy has given me more confidence in showing up as myself in marketing my photography business.

she has a way of literally plucking the words and thoughts from my brain and making copy magic that makes me feel so seen.

- kim, kim diamond wellness

when it comes to writing copy, sara's your girl. the level of support and attention to detail that she provides is unmatched.

sara writes incredible copy for her clients, but she also teaches you how you can write copy on your own when you want to. her ability to make magic happen with words makes her the one i trust to wear the copy hat for me.

- nicole, nicole marie photography

Working with sara was a dream! she helped me take my words and make them into magic that showcases my services and personality on my website. she was kind and encouraging while giving feedback, and she helped me elevate my website copy to target my ideal audience.

sara took the time to understand my brand, audience, and goals, and she helped me craft copy that perfectly captured my voice and message.

I love serving photographers like you by crafting copy that’s word-magic for you and for your ideal client.

And as a strategist and an educator at heart, I’m excited to work side by side with YOU to serve up a hefty dose of YOUR personality in your brand messaging.

Let’s drop-kick the tired ol’ strategy that everyone else in your industry is using and change the script to what makes YOU different, so you can serve your people better and sell to them more, too.

Wondering if this course is the right fit for you? Check out the FAQs below, and if you still have questions, email me at hello@whatsarasaid.com. I'd be happy to chat with you!

i'm sara, copywriter, boy mama + teacher at heart

meet your word-magic maker

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a note from my heart...

why words that click is designed to work for photographers like you

I truly believe that your website should do all of the heavy lifting for you in your marketing, and that everyone deserves a business that reflects their heart and their art.

Inside Words That Click, I take the guesswork out of what you should write on each page of your website, so that all you have to focus on is completing my fill-in-the-blank formulas with your personality. This course will teach you how to write copy that empowers you to show up as yourself online and attracts soul-sister aligned clients to work with you.

You can learn how to write effective copy that supports your beautiful imagery, my photographer friend. Let me show you how!

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Praise Hands

"Sara is the real deal. She not only writes beautifully, but she really SEES her clients so that she can write in words that make sense for their personality and business. Sara is kind and supportive and when you work with her you gain a cheerleader. Copywriting might not be as sexy as some other parts of business, but it matters in connecting with your ideal client. Working with Sara will get you one step farther to more of the clients you love."


"Working with sara was a dream! She helped me take my words and make them into magic that showcases my services and personality on my website. She was kind and encouraging while giving feedback, and she helped me elevate my website copy to target my ideal audience."


"Sara took the time to not only know what I wanted to convey but HOW best to say it in my personal voice. She sounds more like me than I sound like myself. She delivers first class copy that has taken my website to the next level.

You could hire 3 different copywriters over time, or you could just hire Sara and get it done correctly the first time."


"You are not going to regret this investment; working with sara is hands down one of the best moves I've made for my business. I have clients booking me purely because my website is portrayed as more professional when compared to others in my area, and they know they're going to be getting a professional experience!"


"when i decided to relaunch my website, i had the words, but they were missing that extra oomph i needed to really stand out. sara took my thoughts (like she plucked them from my brain!) and turned them into beautiful results. sara truly is a word wizard and dives into your natural voice to use your words."


"I turned to Sara when I needed to uplevel my website copy. I moved from a rural southern town to a sophisticated city, and my copy needed to match my new clientele. She not only did that, but she also wove my personality into the copy and made it sound like me! I would highly recommend Sara for all your copy needs. She’s a joy to work with and makes the process easy and fun! Plus, her VIP days are gold because you have all your copy in one day!"


"As a photographer, writing can be overwhelming. i know who i am and what i want to say, but is it seo friendly? will it resonate with potential clients enough so they choose to book me? sara has written my website copy, my email nurture sequence, blog posts and more for my business and has managed to weave my personality throughout my brand. all of my copy is Me; it is such a beautiful thing to know that my clients are getting authenticity every step of the way!"


"working with sara was so easy! i immediately felt as if she understood my business and pain points in creating a sales page. she came up with great ideas, and her copywriting was so simple to plug into my site! i now feel confident in potential clients coming to my website, knowing that it is beautifully worded to sell. i'm so thankful for her help and would definitely recommend her to others!"


i've struggled with online courses before. is this for me?

As a teacher at heart, your success is important to me, which is why I provide 1:1 Voxer hours every month. This is YOUR time to ask questions and get support as you work through the course material!

business has been slow this year. how do i know this is the right investment for me?

I understand that! It's difficult to prioritize your business and yourself in the midst of an economic downturn, especially when your bottom line may be shrinking.

However, I encourage you to think about what's possible if your website worked harder for you by prioritizing personality-packed, SEO-friendly copy.

  • What if your website truly marketed your services and your art?
  • What if your website boosted your ranking on google and helped clients to find you organically?

Both of those outcomes are possible with Words That Click. Only you can decide if investing real estate that you own (aka your website), versus temporary and fleeting platforms like social media, is worthwhile for your business.

how many hours per week will this course take to complete?

If you aim to complete one module per week, I suggest reserving one hour per week to consume the content and one additional hour to implement the strategies on your website.

Common Qs and As:

sara, i have a question...


All modules, including bonus trainings, will be live and ready for you upon purchasing the course!

will this course give me 1:1 access to sara?

Yes, every Words That Click purchase includes access to monthly 1:1 Voxer hours with Sara to ask questions and get support as you work through the course.

will I need to purchase anything else to be successful?

This course is designed to walk you through crafting personality-packed copy for your entire photography website. This course will work for you whether you're polishing up or revising the copy on your existing website or if you're starting fresh.

If you are launching a new website, I love and recommend Showit. Plus, Words That Click students can purchase (at an exclusive discount!) a modern Showit template that's been custom-designed for photographers by Juniperfolk Designs.

better biz results,
right this way

Writing efffective website copy for your photography business is like choosing the right lens - the focus needs to be on what matters.

In your business, that’s you!

Words That Click is your roadmap to helping your clients click “add to cart” more often - without going to battle with a blinking cursor.

Ready to get to work?

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