1:1 coaching

next round opens June 19, 2023


whether you always dreamed of starting your own business or you came into entrepreneurship by way of rejecting your steady but unfulfilling 9-5 gig *raises hand*, we all want to provide a memorable service experience that supports the life we want and turns casual followers into clients.

You’re willing to put in the work, from sales tax and service launches to social media and organic marketing, but it’s hard to know what will truly move the needle on creating a business that you and your clients love that also aligns with your life.

You CAN leave the head-scratching and wishful thinking behind in favor of putting your business owner mind at ease.

You deserve to have a passionate advocate and a creative thinker by your side in business.

it's time to grow


I'm all in!

Investing in strategies to build your client experience, increase your profit margins, and message to dream clients with ease

Discovering a supportive accountability partner that truly cares about building a business that fits your life, not the other way around

Diversifying your streams of income, niching down and booking MORE, not less, and finding dream clients that value you and your services

Owning a business you LOVE that allows you to scale and grow while working less and supporting your family

Just imagine...

what if you could experience true support tailored to

“I love saying yes to every inquiry I receive, whether or not it aligns with what I envision for the future of my business or the life I want.” << said no biz owner, EVER.

if you're ready to take the guesswork out of building a profitable business that fits your life (without the hustle), it's time to invest in a coach who is ready to help you level up.

your business?

Service-based business owners who might not know (or have confidence in) what they’re capable of

Solopreneurs who are coachable, are open to new approaches to marketing, are seeking accountability and someone to push them creatively

Biz owners who want a teacher at heart to lift them up and walk alongside them in their business

who this is for:

I want that!

three, 90-minute 1:1 coaching calls, held on Zoom, with Sara (one per month). That's more than 270 minutes of 1:1 virtual coaching support!

Topics available include ideal client and brand voice; social media + email marketing; website copy; profitability and pricing; and next-level service offerings.

90-minute 1:1 coaching calls

What's  Included:

Unlimited Voxer access to Sara to ask her anything about your business, creating offers that your clients will love, brand messaging, and more.

What's Voxer, you ask? It's a fun walkie-talkie-style app that allows us to communicate 1:1 at our leisure in between coaching calls!

unlimited voxer access

three months of Access to The Content Huddle, Sara’s exclusive writing membership that combines practical, proven copywriting + content creation with expert-level support.

BONUS: Pay-in-Full Coaching Clients receive twelve months of access to The Content Huddle for FREE!

access to the content huddle

I'm all in!

- Brittnie, Brittnie Renee Photography

when i decided to relaunch my website, i had the words, but they were missing that extra oomph i needed to really stand out. sara took my thoughts (like she plucked them from my brain!) and turned them into beautiful results.

you will not regret this investment! she truly is a word wizard and dives into your natural voice to use your words.

When writing my ‘About Me’ page, Sara captured my voice SO WELL! She dove into my Instagram and learned about me and my personality. I hired her for a VIP Day because she learned my brand voice and can serve my email list in a way that connects with them and also converts to bookings. Sara is THE BEST!

— Jada, Selah Space

Sara took the nonsense i dumped onto the table and turned it into a beautiful sales page and set of emails. i felt supported and seen throughout the entire efficient process. that she goes above and beyond is an incredible understatement.

it's only day one of my launch, but the emails have had great click rates and numerous replies. i've already had three people register for my program!

You are ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN in your business. 

You're COACHABLE and willing to try something NEW.

You're EAGER to pursue business ownership as a sustainable career.

You're COMMITTED to doing the work and achieving RESULTS.

Who You Are...

a peek at my story...

Wanna hear a bit of the story i'm writing for myself?

To be honest, I fought the idea of coaching for a really long time. After almost ten years of teaching English and communications, I felt like a wrung-out, tired sponge that had washed a few too many (greasy) dishes: I didn’t feel like I had any more to give.

And then I started working with business owners who shared similar sentiments with me as my students felt.

“I don’t want to do business the way that everyone else does it, Sara. I want it to feel like ME.”

And that spark that I thought had disappeared? It reignited, as did the realization that I could coach my OWN way.

Goodbye, curriculum standards, and hello, intuition. I’m on a mission to remove the ick from sales in favor of brand messaging that aligns with a potential client’s pain points and desires. I can’t wait to serve you!

Let's dive in.

sign me up

sign me up

3 Payments


payment plan

• three, 90-Minute, 1:1 Coaching Calls (One Per Month)
• Unlimited Voxer Access
• Access to Sara's Resource Vault
• three Months of Access to The Content Huddle

sign me up

1 investment


one time payment

• three, 90-Minute, 1:1 Coaching Calls (One Per Month)
• Unlimited Voxer Access
• Access to Sara's Resource Vault
ONE YEAR of Access to The Content Huddle!

Praise Hands

"Working with Sara was so easy! I immediately felt as if she understood my business and pain points in creating a sales page. She came up with great ideas, and her copywriting was so simple to plug into my site! I now feel confident in potential clients coming to site, knowing that it is beautifully worded to sell. So thankful for her help and would definitely recommend her to others!"


"The emails that Sara wrote for me not only flowed really nicely, and in a way that I could add other elements to the written portions - like a promo for other products -without it feeling choppy, but the five emails she wrote also rolled from one to the next so cohesively! She sees the big picture for your business."


"Working with Sara helped to free up some space in my brain as well as simply put my ideas into usable text that I know will translate well to my clientele. Of course, a picture can say a lot - but in this digital world, we need the words and SEO that can help our vision be found! Sara is incredibly approachable and provides more than just copy - she understands marketing and will gently help you prioritize your to-dos with strategy and compassion."


"Before Sara, I had no clue how to structure my emails to my newsletter subscribers, or even what to write about for that matter! But Sara broke email marketing down for me into bite-sized pieces and ways that were easy to understand. I now have email content planned for three months, and the ideas keep coming for the following months!"


"My website has been on my goals list for three years, and because of Sara's help, I was finally able to get there. She's incredibly talented, and I felt nothing but impressed throughout the entire process. I really appreciate Sara so much!"


“The Content Huddle is filled with expertly curated swipe files (basically, files for each portion/page of your website that take out all the guesswork), which Sara drips out to you throughout the program. I find this to be especially helpful because you can work on one piece at a time, without the feeling of overwhelm like some of the other courses that I’ve signed up for or downloaded have brought me."


better biz results,
right this way

You CAN have expert-level support and a roadmap that works for YOU while leaving the hustle mentality behind.

Still – I know this is an investment, but I’m confident that you can expect a return that’s much more than what you initially paid.

There’s no limit to what you can accomplish with TWO minds on your business instead of just your own! From discovering your ideal client and leveling up your marketing strategies to honing your brand messaging and increasing your pricing, I know that this program will work for you.

Ready to get to work?