let's huddle up

A copywriter in your biz's back pocket,
for a fraction of the

“I love squirreling away in this coffee shop, chai in hand, and writing to my ideal client, hoping that they’re ready to hire me.” << said no biz owner, ever.

You’re not quite ready to hire a copywriter, but you know that the key to growing your brand is in creating content that serves – and sells – to your ideal client.

You’re willing to put in the work, but you can’t seem to get your hands on any kind of messaging roadmap that also provides expert-level support.

Hear me loud and clear: No amount of head-scratching and wishful thinking will put your business owner mind at ease when it comes to DIYing your messaging.

But what will?

let's huddle up

Tired of feeling stuck when it comes your biz messaging?

You're willing to put in the work. but that doesn't mean it's easy.

You’ve tried to craft content that conveys who YOU are – the face behind the brand. You already know that communicating your biz’s value to your ideal client is crucial. But that’s not enough for you to finally defeat the almighty Delete key…and that’s assuming you can even jot some ideas down on the page in the first place.

You don’t have to go it alone, friend. If you’re ready to take the guesswork out of writing for your business, let’s Huddle Up.

Copywriter's Desk

Change happens
on the other side
of “I can’t."

guess what?

You Can Write for Your Business

the content huddle:

expert-level support inside a communitY of business owners, just like you

Me and math never were the best of friends. Each time I sat in a math classroom, I already felt defeated.

And years later, when I spent nearly a decade at the front of the {English} classroom, I saw this same look in the eyes of my writing students. And I’d work hard all semester to convince them that it didn’t have to be this way. Writing didn’t have to be the task that crippled their confidence.

When your mindset is already focused on your past failures or shortcomings, you can’t possibly be successful in that thing, today or tomorrow. So even if your essays never earned high marks in high school, or you get clammy hands even thinking about writing for your business, let me be the one to tell you: there is another way.


WHAT IF having the right support COULD:

Enroll now in The Content Huddle, a members-only writing community that combines practical, proven content creation with expert-level support to help you finally unlock your biz's brand messaging.

I see you, friend. Your business is fresh and shiny in some areas, but your website copy and social content needs attention. You know that hiring a copywriter will make an impact, but your business isn’t quite in the spot where you can swing the done-for-you price.

And that’s okay, because you’re used to rolling up your sleeves – you’re a faithful student of YouTube University, you’ve shadowed and second-shot your way to feeling confident in charging for your work, and after sharing countless cups of coffee with mentors in exchange for their advice, here you are: you’re making a life doing what you love, whether that involves a stack of open house fliers in your hands, a set of delish cupcakes to frost, a drove of pigs in the field, or a camera at your eye. 

You’ve made it in business – but that doesn’t mean your messaging is converting the way it should.

Let's Huddle Up

not a writer? No fear – i’ve got just the thing.

Business owners just like you are scratching their heads to try and uncover the “magic sauce” – the perfect combination of words and phrases that will play at your ideal client’s emotions enough to convince them to change, to invest, to try something new.

If you’re still searching for the ingredients to mix up your “magic sauce,” friend, take a hint from my husband, who romanced me back in the day with his family’s famous homemade spaghetti sauce: speak to them with love. I’ll teach you how to stir in a sprinkle of your personality, serve a heavy ladle of value, and enjoy the experience together.

this community is for you if you’ve ever thought…

let's huddle up

What You Get:

founding members of the content huddle receive:

Swipe Files You Need for Your Biz

Each month, access proven copy, customized to YOUR brand voice type, that you can “swipe” – meaning you can customize my content formulas and publish on your website quickly! – for some of the most requested and most difficult aspects of your business messaging, including your ‘About Me’ page, your ‘Services’ page, a launch-ready ‘Sales’ page and email templates, and more!

  • In other words: plug-and-play Google Docs to help you rewrite your website copy to convert MORE!

Daily Question Support in Slack

Stuck on how to customize a swipe file for your service-based biz? Wondering if you should use words like “you” in your website copy or product descriptions? Stumped on what to post on social media today? Ask Sara ALL of your questions on Slack. 

  • In other words: it’s like having a copywriter in your back pocket – for a fraction of the price!

Access to the Resource Vault

From guides to uncovering your why in business to tips and writing prompts to help you hone your brand voice type, membership in The Content Huddle gives you exclusive access to Sara’s growing resource vault.

  • In other words: proven resources that are there when you need ’em.

Access to Done-With-You VIP Intensives

Each month, limited Done-With-You VIP Intensives will be offered, according to that month’s theme, to assist YOU in writing content for your business. Need help putting your “Services” page swipe file to work? Snag a VIP Intensive spot, and Sara will work (virtually) by your side to get your page customized and published in just 3 hours!

VIP Days for clients outside of The Content Huddle start at $1,900, but you have exclusive access to Sara’s calendar for only $997 per Intensive!

  • In other words: The Content Huddle provides unmatched access to Sara’s calendar for a fraction of the price!

Ready to Huddle Up?

If the idea of writing a page on your website or writing your social captions has you feeling panicked, you aren’t ALONE, not in the way you feel OR in the writing process.

You CAN take charge of your business messaging, and you DON’T have to shell out thousands to do it.

$33/month for twelve months

better biz messaging, right this way

You CAN have expert-level support and a roadmap that works for YOU without the high price tag of a done-for-you service.

BONUS: From NOW until Friday, December 3, you can enroll for just $33/month! That’s a savings of $132!


10% Off Done-With-You Intensives! pay in full bonus!

regular price: $997
now on sale for $897.30!

As a limited time offer from NOW until Friday, December 3, add on a Done-With-You VIP Intensive (or two!) and pay in full for 10% off EACH Intensive! Plus, YOU get to pick what monthly theme fits YOUR needs and schedule your Intensive accordingly.

what's a done-with-you
vip intensive entail?

  • Intensive Questionnaire
  • Kick-Off Strategy Call
  • Guided and Personalized Implementation of Swipe File
  • One Week of Email Support As You Bring Your New Copy to Life

hi, friend! I'm sara gillis.

Word-Magic Maker + Small Business hype girl


I see you, friend – you know the power of a website or a social feed that’s packed with personality, but you just don’t have the time to make the darn word-magic happen.

You’re tired of doing ALL THE THINGS, from accounting to Zooming, in your business – but you aren’t sure you can trust something as important as your brand messaging to just anyone.

If you’re DONE with winging it and hoping that your business will GROW magically like some bananas Chia Pet, you’re in the right place.

I’ve got this:  Leave the word-magic to me.

Copywriter's Desk



Membership in The Content Huddle officially kicks off on January 1, 2022, and goes all year long! Members will hear from me a few times before then, but the private Slack channel won’t be active until 1/1/22! :)

  • JANUARY: ‘About Me’ Page
  • FEBRUARY: Landing Page
  • MARCH: Services Page
  • APRIL: Blog Post
  • MAY: Social Captions
  • JUNE: Portfolio Page
  • JULY: Welcome Sequence
  • AUGUST: Sales Page
  • SEPTEMBER: Launch Sequence
  • OCTOBER: Product Descriptions
  • NOVEMBER: Social Ads
  • DECEMBER: Website SEO

A swipe file is a collection of practical, proven copy, customized to a certain website page or content type, like blog posts or social media captions. The word “swipe” implies that you can easily take, tweak, and implement the copy on your own website without worrying about auto-fails like plagiarism or wondering if your messaging will serve your ideal client.

Swipe files are made available monthly on the private Slack channel for members of The Content Huddle.

Not at all! If you’ve ever used a Facebook group to communicate, it’s very similar with one helpful addition: threads. So, if you have a question for Sara, you’ll have a specific thread to post that in. If you have a recent client win to share, there’s a section in Slack for that as well. It’s like having multiple conversations, all within the same platform. I highly recommend the mobile app for communicating on the go!

We’ll be sorry to see you go, but we wish you well! Simply email to cancel your subscription; please kindly provide at least 15 days notice before you desire to cancel so as to avoid any billing issues.

To access the resource vault, please visit our private Slack channel!

Each month, limited spots will be made available to work with Sara on that month’s themed content. To purchase your slot, please click here. After booking is confirmed and payment is received, Sara will send an intensive questionnaire to get the process started!

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