…about building a desk for me.


when we were first married, Jord and i took a trip to IKEA in Minneapolis and kind of went nuts buying stuff for our first place together as a married couple. even though Jord and i lived together for a year before we were married (gasp!), we wanted our first apartment as marrieds to feel more like us instead of reflecting the hand-me-down, have-to-wash-the-dishes-because-we-only-have-four-bowls type of aesthetic we had going on. anyway, one of the pieces that we purchased was IKEA’s Micke desk in black-brown. it was cheap, it was a two-person desk, and it had a smaller footprint – win x3.

however, as any wife of a devoted video-gamer knows, husbands who game are hard on desks, and ours was no exception. in short, the seven thousand glass-rim drink marks and the twelve attempts to touch up the finish of the desk with a Sharpie were no longer endearing. we had also since become a one-computer family, so the need for the two-person desk had expired. once we crossed the threshold of our new home, i set out to convince Jord of our dire need for a new desk.

after much begging and pleading, he begrudgingly agreed to pick up a desk that i found (and loved) at Target. this desk, which was by Threshold and came in a variety of colors, was my pick for its simplistic look. while i desperately wanted a parson’s desk this time around, i didn’t like the price tag of an authentic model, so i looked for something with simple lines that still offered a bit of storage. Jord picked the desk up in white, and i set out to build it.

an hour (and a glass of wine) later, we had a brand new desk with nary a Sharpie touch-up in sight:


cute, right? don’t mind the fact that i installed the foot ledge backwards…you aren’t supposed to be able to see the hardware, but since i’m a self-professed rookie at building things, you, like my husband, should let this little oversight slide.

to accompany the desk, i took possession of a chair (in a bronze finish) that originally sat at my aunt’s dining table and had since made its way into my father’s garage, waiting for a home. i recovered the chair (with the help of my father-in-law’s staple gun, a yard of fabric and a square of batting from JoAnn’s, and the stapling assistance of my husband) in a graphic grey and white upholstery-grade fabric. add a few knick-knacks (the Princess House jar is full of wicker decorative balls from Target, and the gold sea urchin is also a Target find by Nate Berkus), and our desk nook has personality.

i have big plans for this space, including hanging some cork squares, adding a USA map to track our family travels, and painting the walls, among other things, but i’m delighted with the space for now.

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  • oohh that desk is perfect! I’m actually loving it in Walnut but your white looks great in the space!

  • thank you! we hope to lighten up the wall color eventually as well, so we think white will transition well, no matter what paint color we pick :)

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