…about the birth of Lionel Conner, our oldest boy.

Greetings, all – we had a bit of a surprise this week, and his name is Lionel!


Lionel Conner arrived nine days before his due date; he was born via c-section (after a long, LONG 25-hour labor!) on 6-6-12 at 11:07AM. He’s so precious, and is doing so well! He is 18.5 inches long and weighs 6 lbs, 10.5 oz.

Please forgive me for a less-than-regular blog schedule over the next few weeks as I adjust to new motherhood! I promise to write up the birth story and the reasoning and significance of our baby boy’s name for all of you soon!

Lots of love,

– Sara, Jord, Lionel and Wyatt the Dog

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