…about uncovering gratitude, amidst the sick bugs.

it all began the week of our brief getaway to Disney {pictures coming soon!} earlier this month.

our littlest was sprouting spots on his chubby fingers and sausage feet, a sure sign of my least favorite kiddo ailment: Hand, Foot + Mouth. but, we persevered, and so did he. our trip to Florida was not quite spot-free, but it was relatively pain-free and fever-free…until we came home.

our sweetest Q spiked a fever on the Sunday on which we arrived home, a temperature that demanded a cancellation of his first birthday party {waaaa!, said the Mama} and a quick trip to Urgent Care. an ear infection was the culprit, so antibiotics were administered in hopes that we would soon be over the sick hump.

and then L became a droopy chicken.

one trip to the doctor later, we learned that he too had an ear infection but, thankfully, a negative Strep Throat test as well. antibiotics were prescribed for him, too, and medicine time quickly became the worst times of his days.

with both boys on antibiotics, Jord and i locked {tired} eyes, vowing to simply survive until the medicine took hold.

and then Q began vomiting. in the middle of the night. in our bed.

he has impeccable timing, and even more impressive aim, for each time he vomited {yes, it was more than once – YOU WOULD THINK THAT I WOULD HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON}, he managed to let go all of his guts all over his Mama.

more trips to the doctor, more co-pays, and our pediatrician looks at this tired Mama and says what she absolutely does not want to hear: “i don’t know why he’s vomiting.”

oh, go away, you stubborn sickness. boo sickness, boo our lack of a diagnosis.

so, in other words, since our excursion to Florida a few weeks ago, Jord and i have been feeling anything but grateful, as both L + Q {and now Jord, bless him} have been trading and battling and sharing sickness after sickness.

but, in this, the annual season of giving thanks, i’m determined to find some light in this dark, germ-filled tunnel.

so, a list.

first, this picture:


oh, snow. we missed you.*

next in my ruminations on gratitude comes my shabby DIY fireplace, which i CANNOT WAIT to show you guys. it’s bringing me so much joy, especially now that it’s draped with Christmasy garland and pom-pom trim. here’s a peek, pre-Christmas decor.

and, i’m thankful for my brother’s kind offer to bring home Qdoba last night for me, because keeping me fed is quite the task, especially when my husband {aka our chef extraordinaire} comes home, slips off his shoes and goes directly to bed.

finally, what i’m sending up whispers of “thank you” for today, and all days, is that i get to do life with this man by my side, and that our boys have him as their Daddy.


while i often tease him that despite my many {MANY} shortcomings, he chose me, i’m truly glad that i’m his chosen one. his green eyes, never-runs-out patience, and his jokester self is making this season of sick bugs all the more bearable.

*ahem. apparently some of us did NOT miss you, snow.


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