…about {TWO} boys + {ONE} bedroom = love.

as i mentioned here and here, sweet L and baby boy no. 2 {who has a name, but it’s a secret until he’s born!} will share a bedroom for the next two to three years. our home has two bedrooms upstairs and one bedroom downstairs, and until L is ready to be on his own downstairs {i’m aiming for ages 5-6, although i’m sure he’ll be ready before then}, our sweet boys will share a bedroom.

as soon as we learned that we were expecting baby no. 2, i began adding image after image to my Pinterest board for shared kiddo rooms {follow along here}. i was confident that regardless of whether baby Gillis no. 2 was a boy or a girl, we could make a shared bedroom work, at least for a year or two {until privacy and/or modesty becomes an issue for kiddo(s) of different genders}. but, when we learned that our babe on the way is another boy, it made the process of conceptualizing and executing a shared bedroom even easier, especially for the long-term.

after many a look back at my Feedly {side note: i LOVE this blog reader} and my Pinterest boards {i used to have a secret “Baby No. 2” board that i was pinning to like mad before we revealed that we were expecting}, i devised an overall plan/theme for the room: a woodland adventure.

as you may recall, when we first moved in, we repainted L’s room in a cozy mint blue color {Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue}. i definitely wanted that color to stick around, as it’s such a beautiful neutral that contrasts so richly with our dark woodwork. after some brainstorming, i added pops of orange to the mix, as well as white, grey and black for accent colors.

here’s what i’m using as an inspiration board of sorts; let’s call it Pinspiration, since i do all of my dreaming and room planning for our home on Pinterest these days:


a few explanations:

– the mint tree image and the orange and white arrow images in the right corner above will be featured as baby no. 2’s crib bedding, which is currently being crafted with love by this Etsy seller.

– we purchased the warehouse light at a steal {$29 bucks!} from Home Depot; it’s this one. i can’t wait to hang it after the ceiling is repainted!

– the image of the aqua color on the white chair {from here} is my inspiration for L’s little rocking chair, which my parents are painting white; i plan to run a little stripe of orange across the bottom of the rungs for some visual interest!

– the image at the bottom left {from here} is really my inspiration for the room; L will have a white-painted wooden bed, and his comforter is a mix of white and grey and is geometric in style. i love the collection of colorful, woodland-inspired pillows on the bed as well! we will also be incorporating triangle decals onto the walls in either black or grey, as well as artwork like the Explore, Explore print above {from here}.

a note: please visit my Pinterest board {Our Home – Lionel and Baby’s Shared Bedroom} for the sources of all of these images.

as of now, here’s what we have left in terms of the boys’ shared bedroom:

1. take down the ceiling fan.

2. paint the ceiling {my Mom is tackling this for us soon – it will be in the same color as our master bedroom ceiling, which is Benjamin Moore’s Lacey Pearl}.

3. hang the warehouse light fixture.

4. install DIY custom shelving flanking the window in the room {two wooden shelves – stained grey – on each side of the window, hung with hefty, exposed black brackets}.

5. order two monogram pillows and a metal photo print, courtesy of Tiny Prints.

6. order the rug {pictured above on the left side of the inspiration board, from Urban Outfitters}, as well as a few knick-knacks for the boys’ shelves that i’ve been coveting on Etsy. :)

7. print and frame some custom artwork that i made for the boys’ room, as well as a piece of printable artwork that i purchased from Etsy {my Dad is helping out with this}.

8. pick up the repainted bed frame and the repainted rocking chairs from my parents’ house.

9. hang the curtain rod + curtains, hang the artwork, dress the beds – really, this is the time to decorate our hearts out!

i plan to showcase the boys’ shared bedroom to all of you sometime in November, so stay tuned! {of course, i will likely conceal any name-revealing items, like the letter on baby’s monogrammed pillow, until baby no. 2 actually joins us in December…we don’t want to give away the secret!} :)

one of my most favorite photographers, Kara of Creative Kindling {who photographed many important moments in our lives, including our engagement, wedding, maternity and newborn photos of L, and will also be shooting newborn photos of baby no. 2 for us!}, will be taking photos of the room for me to share – i can’t wait to see how she captures our boys’ shared bedroom.

thanks for following along!

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  • love the mood board! the crib bedding will look fantastic. I got really excited to see a horseshoe but then didn’t see you mention it. I have a thing for them – my late grandfather used to have one above his workshop door and I bought a used one on our recent trip to hang somewhere in our new house!

  • thanks so much! i purchased the horseshoe from Etsy on a lark, but it’s one of my favorite items going in to the room – i plan to hang it above the boys’ door :)

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