…about six months ago today.

Dear L,

Six months ago today, I met you for the very first time.

Your little hand gripped my finger so tightly, it was like you knew me, and we had only just met.

You and your Daddy and I became a family of three people six months ago today, and our lives changed the instant that our eyes met yours.

As you lay here on my chest, fast asleep, your body weighing down on my chest, I think back to those first nights with you, when I held you close to me, when your body was so much smaller, so much lighter than it is now. You’ve grown, dear boy – you’ve grown so much, so quickly, but I, your Mama, can still remember, can still see the newborn inside of you.


I love you to the moon and back, dear boy – thank you for blessing our lives with your joyful presence.

Lots of love,

– Mama

P.S. That photo? The first one of you, ever, sitting up alone. Well done, big boy.

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