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Your time is too darn precious to spend spinning your writing wheels.

In business, storytelling is a uniter and an igniter, and your creative business should reflect YOUR heart. The key to serving your people well – and selling to them, too – is to empower your clients to find pieces of themselves in YOU. 

The best way to do that? Through your words.

for businesses ready to level up online
Starting at $3,595

Website Copywriting

Is “write my website” sitting unchecked on your to-do list? I believe that you deserve a website that captures who YOU are as a creative business owner AND the heart behind your work, and you shouldn’t have to stop serving your people to get it done.

If you’re ready to level up your brand messaging on your website so that your online doorstep truly serves your ideal client, don’t spend your precious time wandering in circles, wondering which way is the right way to go. Let me be your guide.

for the growth-hacker with a new offer
Starting at $2,795

Launch Copywriting + Sales Email Sequences

Business owners like you are scratching their heads to try and uncover the “magic sauce” – the perfect combination of words and phrases that will play at your ideal client’s emotions enough to convince them to change, to invest, to try something new.

But if your copy doesn’t SELL your stellar service, all that you have is a pretty sales page, not a BUSINESS.

Don’t get swept up in what everyone else is selling. Wanna hedge your bets on success? Let’s work together to put words to your business magic.

FOR THE fast-tracker with a punch list
Starting at $1,995

VIP Days

You’re hustling to serve your people and to do what only YOU do best, whether you’re behind the camera or balancing a stack of open house fliers. But putting your vision for your business success into words takes time.

Good News: If you found yourself nodding along as you read this, a VIP Day is right for you. Curious what I can check off your to-do list in just one day? From a website refresh or a custom social content strategy to an email sequence or a set of blog posts, let’s find out…together.

for the diy doer with a deadline
Starting at $397

Copywriter on Call:
Day of Voxer Coaching

Doctors of yore used to be “on-call,” meaning they’d be ready with their black medicine bag full o’ tricks when you needed them – just a call away.

Copywriter on Call is a bit different (no medical practice is happening here), but the impact is the same: I’m here when YOU need me – just a Vox away.

Whether you’re seeking guided launch planning, from your email sales sequence to your sales page, or you’re in need of supportive marketing coaching to help you stand out in a saturated market through words, we’ve got six hours of time on Voxer for us to work through whatever ails you: no long-term commitments, no icky sales pitches – just you, me, and a whole lotta business clarity.

hi, friend! I'm sara gillis.

Word-Magic Maker + Creative Business hype girl

I see you, friend – you know the power of a website or a social feed that’s packed with personality, but you just don’t have the time to make the darn word-magic happen.

You’re tired of doing ALL THE THINGS, from accounting to Zooming, in your business – but you aren’t sure you can trust something as important as your brand messaging to just anyone.

If you’re DONE with winging it and hoping that your business will GROW magically like some bananas Chia Pet, you’re in the right place.

I’ve got this:  Leave the word-magic to me.

3 steps to an effective
‘about me’ page

As your business has grown, so have YOU, and you’ve realized that your website doesn’t quite reflect the YOU that you are today.

If you’re a DIYer in your biz-loving heart, I’ve gotchu. Download my exclusive freebie to teach you how to craft the perfect ‘About Me’ page.

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