…about going to Write: Doe Bay.

Write Doe Bay 2014

as referenced in this post, and as promised, i’m here to reveal some exciting news: i’m taking part in 2014’s Write: Doe Bay weekend retreat in April!

a little about Write: Doe Bay, right from their website:

Write: Doe Bay will bring together 25 participants at the lovely Doe Bay Resort and Retreat on Orcas Island, Washington.  Through shared meals and shared housing, a new vision for a writer’s retreat takes place.  Community will flourish, walls will break down and love will flow.

doesn’t that sound amazing? but first, let me rewind and tell you how it all went down.

back in december, i saw a post on social media from Nici Holt Cline about a writing retreat that she would be presenting at in Washington state.


first, i can’t even begin to tell you of my love for Seattle, Washington. Jord and i went there on a vacation – a honeymoon redo, to be exact – in 2011, and it literally was one of the best weeks of my life. the water, the food, the fun, the weather, the shopping, the coffee – it was all just so, so perfect, and i felt so “me” when i was there. Jord and i couldn’t help but dream about living there someday. of course, this was pre-baby, pre-finding jobs we love, and pre-falling in love with our home, but it’s still a dream of ours to have a home (a second home? a place to retire?) in the Pacific Northwest.

now, back to Nici speaking in Washington state. the thought of two of my most favorite things – Nici and all of her awesome-sauce writing AND the Pacific Northwest – combined into one awesome weekend of writing nearly sent me over the edge of comprehension. {full confession: i’ve been reading her blog, dig this chick, for YEARS, y’all, and i’ve had many a dream of meeting her in montana and sharing a cup of cocoa over a campfire.} i was instantly intrigued, but since finances were tight at that moment (it was just a week or so before Christmas!), i chalked it up to one of those experiences that would be life-changing, but unattainable for me, at least right now.

then, i saw a similar post pop up on social media from Kelle Hampton, another one of my writing and mamahood mentors. {full confession: i received her book, bloom, last year for Christmas, and i DEVOURED it in less than two days. it was that good.} and just like that, i shrieked with joy and ran to tell one of my coworkers that two people, two of the people at the top of my “Must-Meet-Them-Someday” list, were going to be at the same place, at the same time, in one of my favorite places on earth.

the third piece of the Doe Bay puzzle is Claire Bidwell Smith, whose blog i found maybe 18 months ago, via a lovely motherhood link-up of yore, and whose writing (and whose ADORABLE daughters, who she posts pictures of often on her instagram!)  i’ve come to adore. {another confession: her book, the rules of inheritance, has been on my bookshelf for all of two months – a Christmas present! – and i cannot. WAIT. to dive in over spring break next month!}

once i saw Claire’s name added to the mix, i knew that this writing retreat couldn’t be something that i missed out on because of timing, or finances, or the fact that i’m a mama to a deliciously-needy-less-than-two-year-old boy.

i knew that i absolutely had to be there.

so i sent Jord a message and the link to the retreat, and i told him to tell me that it was impossible, that i couldn’t go, that we couldn’t swing it financially, that L needs me too much for me to be across the country for an entire weekend.

but he didn’t.

he told me i should go.

he told me that it would be wonderful and fulfilling and challenging and so, so good for me to spend time writing, to spend time away, in one of my most favorite places ever, to invest in myself and in my writing, for the first real time since college. so i took a big, big leap and purchased tickets for the event – a weekend that was just for me.


when i posted about this big, big news on my instagram account after i purchased tickets and plane tickets (and after i finally stopped shrieking from excitement and, to be truthful, a bit of anxiety), i said this:

I can’t believe I’m even saying this. In four months, I will be one of 25 writers taking part in a workshop led by three of my writing heroes in my favorite place in the entire world – Seattle (Orcas Island, to be exact). Get ready, Kelle, Nici and Claire – I can’t wait to meet you and tell you all just how much your words have meant to me. Here’s to taking time for yourself, mamas.

and truthfully, that’s what i’m most excited about – taking time for myself, just to be me, to write and bear my soul and share part of myself with others. of course, i’m also fighting bursts of anxiety about actually sharing my writing and about actually being away from little L for the longest time that we’ve ever been apart (I’ve spent a night away from our boy, but never more than that). but i know that in the end, it will be exactly what i need, and it will be wonderful for L and Daddy to have some boy bonding time as well.

here’s to making dreams come true this year, folks – i’m definitely in hot pursuit of mine, and here’s to hoping you are, too.

{second photo by Larissa Lynn Photography}

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  • I think this is SO SO AWESOME and I can’t wait to hear every single detail/moment/conversation from it. It sounds so awesome and so happy that you are going after it!!

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