the ultimate social media prompt roundup

quirky-cool + whimsical

Quirky-Cool + Whimsical

here’s the golden ticket

Your brand voice should be a little out there, so it’s time you embrace your eccentricities and share them with your ideal client! Use irreverence in your website copy to endear your clients, and don’t be afraid to embrace the weird with words like “odd,” “fun,” and “clever.” Put on the self-deprecating chatter and ooze the sarcasm!

Below, I’ve included FIVE social media prompts to help YOU hone and own your unique genius and convert followers into customers! I’m here for YOU.

hi, friend! I'm sara gillis.

Word-Magic Maker + Small Business hype girl


I see you, friend – you know the power of a website or a social feed that’s packed with personality, but you just don’t have the time to make the darn word-magic happen.

You’re tired of doing ALL THE THINGS, from accounting to Zooming, in your business – but you aren’t sure you can trust something as important as your brand messaging to just anyone.

If you’re DONE with winging it and hoping that your business will GROW magically like some bananas Chia Pet, you’re in the right place.

I’ve got this:  Leave the word-magic to me.

Copywriter's Desk

3 steps to an effective
‘about me’ page

As your business has grown, so have YOU, and you’ve realized that your website doesn’t quite reflect the YOU that you are today.

If you’re a DIYer in your biz-loving heart, I’ve gotchu. Download my exclusive freebie to teach you how to craft the perfect ‘About Me’ page.

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