…about our laundry room progress.

hi all! since we moved into our home in the summer of 2013, we haven’t chatted much about our laundry room. in fact, all that we did since moving in was plop down an area rug or two, stored a few baby-related items and paint cans, and added a mini-fridge {from our college days} for convenience when entertaining in our lower level.

but, as can often happen when you’re a homeowner, circumstances sometimes demand your attention…

…and for us, that was true with our laundry room.

Exhibit A: Our Laundry Room.



see the water heater in the picture above? {that’s the cylinder on the left side of the photo.} guess what decided to start leaking {albeit slowly} this past fall? yup, our water heater.

although we had been talking with a local heating & plumbing company since we first noticed the issue last fall, the leak was quite intermittent and slow that we decided to wait to replace the unit until we had saved a few pennies and until the need presented itself.

as of this past weekend, guess what began leaking at a faster rate? you guessed it.

thankfully, our home savings account was prepared for this type of a “hit,” so when the plumber came out to visit today to take a look, i took the liberty of asking him a few questions while he was quoting us an estimate for replacing our unit.

as a reminder, here’s the current layout of our laundry room, which is partially drywalled with an open ceiling and concrete floor:


as you can see, our utility units are spread out around the perimeter of the room. while our washer and dryer are ideally located and offer a wealth of space for our front-loader doors to swing open, the challenge lies in concealing all of our utility units upon finishing our laundry room with drywall. while the picture above isn’t to scale {of course}, when the entry door to the space is open, it nearly hits the existing water heater unit, thus making it rather impossible to conceal the sump pump and the water heater by adding a closet and a door, for instance.

so, while the plumber was here, i asked him about the possibility of moving the water heater over next to the furnace…and happily, he said that not only would it be possible, but that he would also recommend doing so, since the water heater would then be located in closer proximity to the drain on the floor, which is currently positioned in front of the furnace! furthermore, moving the water heater from one side of the room to the other increased our estimate only slightly, making this project completely feasible and budget-friendly.

however, the plumber cautioned us that since our water heater is an electric unit, that we would need to call an electrician to help to make the move of the water heater possible. that’s all i needed to hear before hopping on the phone with a local electrician and requesting a quote. after a short phone conversation with both myself and with the local plumber, we had an estimate that was well within our budget for what we were saving for the water heater replacement itself – not including the opportunity to move the unit to the other wall!

so, after replacing our water heater and relocating it in a more logical space, here’s what our laundry room looks like now:


what has me so excited {and Jord, too, by proxy – he’s excited when i’m excited!} is that when we’re ready to finish the laundry room {perhaps this summer and fall?}, we’ll be able to rock out a layout like this:


a few notes + inspiration images {click here to follow my “our home: our laundry room” board on Pinterest, where all of these images hail from!}:

* i’m loving the look of these ceiling “tile” planks – but i wonder; are they accessible for electrical/wiring issues?:


* i would LOVE to tile the wall behind the washer and dryer and DIY some open shelves, much like this image from BHG and this photo from here:



* i’m obsessed with this DIY faux bois folding counter from Jenny Komenda’s Little Green Notebook blog:


* i also think that painting the concrete floor a rich color {like navy, which is what i’m lusting after!} a la Young House Love would also be fab:


* this paint storage is genius:


and a few more inspiration images for the closet space, which would include ventilated door panels to maximize breathing room for the utilities that we’d be concealing:




Ventilated-Doors-41, 2, 3, 4

what projects are you dreaming up for your home?

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