…about our bucket list {summer 2015}.

it’s three weeks until summer vacation, and i. cannot. wait. sure, i’ve only been back at this whole big-girl-job thing for nearly two months since welcoming baby Q, but something about the increasing temperatures, the sunshine that greets us as we wake in the morning {in the words of L, “it’s the sunshine, Mama! it’s wake-up time!”}, and the two giggly boys that fill up my heart make me ache for the months to come.

Swimming L - June 2014

{our little fish, last summer}

so, in that spirit, here’s a summer bucket list of sorts – a list of activities that i can’t wait to share with the kiddos this summer:

  • go to the swimming pool and the splash park. i can’t wait to see how much L has grown since our trip to the pool last year on his second birthday, and i am SO excited to get Q all wet and see what he thinks! there’s also a splash park that we tried out last summer that was a big hit with L. we’re on the hunt for a kiddie pool for our yard as well; last year’s pool has since bit the dust. we’re also on the lookout for a float or ring for Q to wear in the water – any recommendations?!
  • visit the downtown Farmer’s Market. in our town, it happens every Saturday morning from May to October – i think that L will love to see all of the fruits and veggies, and i KNOW i’ll love treating myself to some farm-fresh flowers every once in awhile :)
  • storytime. various businesses downtown have storytime for littles once or twice a month, and i know that L would have a blast listening to stories with other kiddos.
  • go to the zoo, of course! we have a family membership, and i plan to get A LOT of mileage out of that activity this summer. we’re also planning our yearly family trip to the Omaha Zoo, one of our favorite destinations – it’ll be Q’s first time visiting!
  • introduce Q to the world of food. he’ll start with rice cereal on May 15! #timeflies
  • play hopscotch. L loves jumping {and he finally leaves the ground when he jumps!} so this will be a fun driveway game.
  • have a bubble bath for cars. L has a million cars already, i swear, and he loves taking baths, so he’ll love giving his cars a bath, too!
  • go to the park. we’re so lucky to live just a few blocks away from a park {complete with a small baseball field, which my sports-loving toddler just adores}, so we’ll be spending many an hour there.
  • attend daytime summer camp at our local Montessori school. L went for a week of summer camp last summer and LOVED it, so we plan to send him to five weeks’ worth of camp this summer! i’m so excited for him to learn all about careers {he’ll even get to meet a firefighter – his DREAM}, about transportation {and meet a train conductor!}, about alternative sports like karate and yoga, about sea creatures, and about cooking! i’m also excited for some solo time with Q those weeks – our youngest is growing up so fast!
  • eat popsicles. YUM.
  • fly a kite. L’s never done this before, but i think he’ll love it!
  • go boating. the boys’ grandpa has a speedboat, and L loves to ride around in the boat at our local lake! i’m not sure that Q will go this year, though – i’d rather him be a bit older.
  • go on a picnic. last year, L and i ate lunch outside on our deck, and he thought it was so cool to eat somewhere other than the kitchen table {“Mama, we eat outside!”}, so we’ll have to do that again.
  • blow bubbles. this is one of L’s very favorite activities, but i rarely allow it to happen indoors {ewww sticky bubble solution!}. but the nicer weather will allow us to have many a bubble-blowing adventure.
  • visit the library. summer is the perfect time to renew our library membership!
  • garden. as i mentioned here, we’d love to tackle planting our first-ever garden this summer, and i know that L will love to help with that!
  • work on riding a bike. L has a balance bike, and he’s been a bit hesitant to leave behind his beloved trike and try out the bike. but, he’s a whole year older this summer, so we’re hoping his bike-riding days are on the horizon.
  • do anything and everything sports-related. L loves to play any and all sports, so we’ll be playing catch and dunking basketballs and kicking soccer balls and swatting golf balls all summer long.
  • go on a walk in a local nature area. there are so many cool trails and nature areas in our town – i’d love to take L and Q for a walk! i’ll be sure to bring the stroller :)
  • go camping…even if it’s just in our backyard.
  • go out for ice cream, or buy ice cream from the ice cream truck. whenever we drive by the local ice cream shop, L always wants to stop, so he’ll be excited to actually do so when the shop opens come summer. there’s also a sing-songy ice cream truck that drives through our neighborhood periodically – i’d love to show L what it means to grab our dollars and run for the door when the song starts playing :)
  • watch Daddy play softball every Wednesday night. we’re also hoping that we can take L to see his very first Major League Baseball game this summer, too!
  • play play-doh.
  • play dominos. L loves to count the dots on them, and if i’m not watching him closely, he’ll hide them all over the house…
  • work on potty training. WISH ME LUCK.
  • weekly movie nights in Mama’s bed. every Tuesday night, L and Q and i watch a movie in the big bed while Daddy does his podcast. L so looks forward to this weekly tradition, so we’ll keep it going this summer. a recent favorite of L’s: Mulan. :)
  • make a car out of a box and paper plates, a la this from Not Just a Housewife
  • make airplane art, via Blippi
  • create paintings on canvas. i have a few bare walls and a few canvases lying around that i’m sure L would love to paint!
  • take family naps. oh, how i love taking afternoon naps with both of my boys snuggled in close…

i’m sure that i’m forgetting something…what are YOU doing with your kiddos this summer?

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