well, our summer is over, and things over at our house are in a state of, well, let’s call it LIFE HAPPENING about ninety percent of the time.

for instance, this week, LIFE HAPPENING looks a lot like dishes piled upon dishes, teetering towers that are scooched and moved to allow for double sink baths whenever the boy beings demand.

exhibit A:


LIFE HAPPENING means that laundry piles and piles like their dish counterparts, stacking chores upon chores like those teetering plates and cups that we’re hoping don’t fall as we rinse baby food remnants, dampen wash cloths to wipe faces, and shoo away the ants that seem to have taken up residence near our kitchen sink.

see? i told you. bugs invading my house = LIFE HAPPENING.

and in between all of this LIFE HAPPENING, we have daycare satchels to fill and refill each day, along with Mama lunches and Daddy lunches and breast pump backpacks and how-many-snacks-can-i-fit-in-my-desk-drawers.

we have kiddos to toss in the air and giggles to catch with our wide-open smiles.

we have dance parties in the car to Megan Trainor, and we have an older boy whose latest dance move involves inflicting head wounds upon himself and then shouting “OW!” with surprise.

we have baby nose scrunches and six-teeth-and-counting and heck yes, FORWARD MOVEMENT in the crawling department (!!). and now, we have a baby gate to erect.

we have marriage and family and the task of balancing all the love. and just like those darn dishes, this balancing act is precarious. marriage keeps being scooched and shuffled for the sake of family, and we keep scooching and praying that the tower won’t topple, that we won’t lose our cool in the midst of all of the LIFE HAPPENING that’s swirling about, all around us.

but what we still have, as heads hit pillows, as breaths grow deeper, as dreams take hold, is love. all the love.

even when LIFE is doing all of the HAPPENING, love remains. even when cool heads are not to be found in this space, what brought us all here in the first place – the love – is in tact, strong, pliable.

thank goodness for the pliability of love…and for plastic dishes that bounce, not break, when they plunge to the floor.

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