…about Lionel going to KINDERGARTEN.

dear sweet Lionel,

i can’t believe this day has come.

i’ve had many, many wishes for you since you were born five years ago, but my biggest hope for you has always been that your heart would be kind, and that’s still my wish for you today: in all things, be kind.


when you’re fifth or the twenty-fifth in line for lunch, be kind.

when you know the answer and your teacher doesn’t call on you, be kind.

when the child seated next to you knows the answer and you don’t, be kind.

when the children in your classroom look different from you, be kind.

when your classmate has an accident – drops a cup, spills their milk, wets their pants – and is sad, be kind.

when your teacher asks a question and seventeen hands shoot up in the air, be kind.

when you hear others teasing another child, be kind.

when you’re playing four-square on the playground and there’s a fifth child who wants to play, be kind.

when you’re sliding down the slide – on your belly, as you do – and you bump into a child as the tunnel opens, be kind.

when the children ask you why you’re smiling or grumpy or short or tired or wearing rain boots or clapping or ANYthing, be kind.

when you’re in gym class or at recess and you see a child that’s alone or shy or sad on the sidelines, be kind.

when a child forgets their mittens or scarf or notebook at home, be kind.


what’s just as important as being kind to others, dear boy, is being kind to yourself.


when you’re overwhelmed or confused or feeling down on yourself, be kind…to yourself.

when you’re missing your mama or your daddy or your brother or your puppy, be kind…to yourself.

when you’re feeling icky at school and are waiting to be snuggled, be kind…to yourself.

when you lose your lunchbox and you are afraid that mama will be mad, be kind…to yourself.

when your teacher chides you for talking out of turn or for giggling with your friends, be kind…to yourself.

when you forget to complete a project or leave your field trip permission slip at school, be kind…to yourself.

when you struggle to enunciate your “th’s” and your teacher reminds you, be kind…to yourself.

when you aren’t picked to play four-square or basketball, be kind…to yourself.

when you meet a friend who doesn’t want to play with you that day, be kind…to yourself.

when you wish and hope to receive a party invitation, but you aren’t given one, be kind…to yourself.

when you feel like the little kid, the short kid, in the class, be kind…to yourself.

when you wonder if anyone loves you, be kind…to yourself, and never forget: your mama is your biggest fan.


enjoy this new adventure, big boy!




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  • So many emotions when they embark on this big adventure. He will do amazing because you are amazing. He will soar!

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