…about saying hello to a blue front door.

when we moved into our home in august, we were greeted by neutral paint colors EVERYWHERE. now, i’m not a hater of neutrals – hello, my name is Sara and my favorite color is grey – but taupe on brown on cream (ish) is a little much for my taste. so, one of the first painting projects i took on (after boy-ify-ing L’s room) was bringing some life to the front door.

here she blows:


you like?

our front door (who i’ll call gertrude, because it’s a name i love that i would never have the guts – or husband’s permission – to use) is lookin’ fine after two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Blue Lake, a color that i first saw on Young House Love’s own front door.

in terms of how i went about painting the door, i followed the instructions of YHL’s Sherry, to fantastic results.

after a little painting break (work duty calls!), i also blue-ified the entry door to the garage. here’s how our split-level entryway is looking today:


i’m a lot in love with the fun punch of color that the blue doors offer. together with the graphic artwork and the grey and white chevron rug (a Target find that I’m totally obsessed with), the entryway has a lot more personality than it did when we first walked in on moving day.

just for the sake of comparison, here’s the entryway pre-paint. as you can see by the paint swatches, at that point, we were trying out two different swatches of paint (BM’s Blue Lake and Peacock Blue), but as i mentioned above, we ultimately went with Blue Lake:


blander than bland, am i right? i just love the color punch that our blue doors bring.

while the entryway is far from complete – i’d love to paint the walls a fun grey color that has some depth, add a fun lantern (the light fixture is a little too builder-basic for me), and possibly add a narrow floating shelf (made of reclaimed wood?) behind the door (underneath the grey and yellow canvas) to hold our keys and mittens – it’s sure a welcome sight from what we inherited on move-in day.

once spring arrives (in like eight thousand months, since we live in the tundra of South Dakota), i also plan to bring some Blue Lake love to our two exterior entry doors (which lead in and out of the garage – there’s one on the side of the house and one in the back). our long-term plan for the exterior of the home involves (no surprise here) a dark grey hue instead of the dark caramel color our home is rocking now, and after some more paint swatch testing outside, we’re confident that the blue will bring some life to the exterior in the near future and for the long haul when we (someday) repaint.

here’s a look outside, when we were comparing paint colors, so you can see the exterior color of the house:


such fun!

are you adding any punch to your entryway or to the exterior of your home? do tell!

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  • Looks awesome! Did you upgrade the handle/hardware too or lucked out that it was that great silver color? I feel like everything in our house is yucky brass.

    • Thanks! We did upgrade the hardware – we changed the locks after moving in, so we got new hardware, too.


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