…about Lionel’s DIY gradient dresser.

as i mentioned in this post, i finally decided on a gradient finish for the dresser for baby L’s room. i wanted to do a gradient featuring three shades of blue, and after browsing many a paint strip at my favorite local paint store, i decided on these hues, all by Benjamin Moore:


as you might recall, the wall color in L’s room is BM’s Palladian Blue, the top color on the gradient shown above. i purposefully chose the top color of the gradient to align with the wall color to make the dresser look intentional and cohesive with the rest of the room design. to these blue hues, which i used only on the drawer fronts, i added BM’s white dove (my favorite shade of white, which we also used on our DIY farmhouse kitchen table) for the “body” of the dresser.

to jog your memory regarding what L’s bedroom looked like before we added the dresser, here’s a look at L’s room when we revealed the new paint color:


the muted blue is subtle enough to pass off as a neutral hue in our home, which has made it a fast favorite of mine, so i knew that it would be an ideal choice with which to start the gradient finish.

but now, back to the dresser. as you can see in the above picture, we had utilized a small vertically-constructed dresser in L’s room until this point. but by the time he turned a year old, we found that we needed additional (and differently constructed) storage in his room. the dresser that’s pictured above, which we repainted in black and installed fun knobs for L’s first nursery, is actually part of a bedroom set that i had as a little girl. the entire set was finished in country blue and included the dresser above, a wider vertical piece (about twice the width of the dresser above) and a lower, wider dresser with six drawers total. the final dresser that i described is the piece that we chose to refinish for L’s bedroom here in our first home.

as i mentioned, the dresser was finished in a country blue color. my parents did us an immense favor by sanding and priming the piece for us; i then painted the rest of the piece, including the gradient finish.

time for the big reveal! here it is:




i was obviously inspired by this gradient dresser on Red Hen Home and this dresser on Young House Love; i couldn’t be more pleased with how my “take” on the gradient trend turned out.

are you buying into any trends these days? i still am a huge fan of the chevron and the mustache…

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