…about checking it twice {boys’ shared bedroom update}.

yup, we’re still in list-mode over here as we eagerly work hard on getting this space ready for Lionel and baby! i’m going to do a pregnancy update here in the next week or so, but a few highlights:

* i’ve only gained 14 pounds, which is amazing, considering that around this time with L, i had gained 29 pounds by now!

* baby is scheduled for a c-section on December 1, meaning it’s only 10.5ish weeks until we meet him – we can’t wait!

as a reminder, here’s what’s on the ol’ to-do list for the boys’ shared bedroom:

1. take down the ceiling fan.

2. paint the ceiling {in Benjamin Moore’s Lacey Pearl} and touch up paint on the walls.

3. hang the warehouse light fixture.

4. install DIY custom shelving flanking the window in the room {two wooden shelves – stained grey – on each side of the window, hung with hefty, exposed black brackets}.

5. order two monogram pillows and a metal photo print, courtesy of Tiny Prints.

6. order the rug {pictured above on the left side of the inspiration board, from Urban Outfitters}, as well as a few knick-knacks for the boys’ shelves that i’ve been coveting on Etsy :)

7. print and frame some custom artwork that i made for the boys’ room, as well as a piece of printable artwork that i purchased from Etsy {we’re about halfway through this process, hence the half-checked-off text}.

8. pick up the repainted bed frame and the repainted rocking chairs from my parents’ house.

9. hang the curtain rod + curtains, hang the artwork and vinyl decals, and dress the beds – really, this is the time to decorate our hearts out!

what’s new since our last update, in case you can’t tell: the curtains have been hung (and i LOVE. THEM. SO. MUCH!). the light fixture is in, and oh my, is it looking fine – thanks to my engineer brother for installing it! the DIY shelves have been stained and are looking great, and i’ve touched up all of the paint on the walls, so we’ll be ready to go come October to hang the shelves, to dress the bed and crib, and to start decorating! it’s our goal to have pictures to share of the shared room come November, and we’re right on track.

in other news, as i mentioned here, we were planning on Baby sleeping in our room – in a crib – with us for the first nine months-ish of his life, so as not to disturb L’s sleep patterns and to make nighttime nursing easier. but, as of this past week, my Mom scored a stellar deal on {drum roll please} a Moses basket and stand! i’ve had this inspiration image pinned on my Pinterest forever, and she remembered that, so when she came across a scream of a deal at a local secondhand store, she jumped on it. we’re so glad that she did – not only do we not have to move the crib back and forth between rooms {which involves taking it apart just to put it right back together, as it’s too large to fit through the doorways}, but the Moses basket will be wonderful to set Baby in to sleep or chill out in all areas of the house, since L likes to move about the house throughout the course of a regular day! :)

the Moses basket is a light natural wood color and looks to be in great condition {according to my Mom and to the pictures I’ve seen}, but we plan to replace the mattress with some hefty 2-inch foam, and to strip the old {icky velour!} bedding off of the basket in favor of lightweight cotton. the rocking stand that the Moses basket sits on is white, and apart from needing a fresh coat of paint, it’s also in great condition; my Mom plans to repaint it {in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, my favorite shade of white!} when she repaints L’s twin bed in the next few weeks.

my maternity leave prep is also going swimmingly for me; i feel so blessed to have administrators and colleagues who understand and support my desire to be a Mama to my fullest capacity, and i feel so, so lucky to have almost four months off to spend with Baby! even though i know that it will be difficult to send little four-month-old Baby to daycare, i’m so looking forward to that in-between time with him, and with L, who will likely be home with us 2-3 days a week at least.

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