…about baby gear, round II {what’s the same + what will be different}.

as we continue to prepare to welcome Baby Boy no. 2 into our lives in just six and a half weeks (!!), i thought i’d share with you what we will continue to do/use with Baby Boy that we did with L, and what’s new this go-around. so, here goes!


what we’ll still do:

swaddle. as i mentioned here when L was still a squishly little baby, we LOVED the velcro swaddle blankets by SwaddleMe, and sure enough, i’ve already ordered four sets of swaddles for Baby Boy. what’s new this time, however, is that we’re also trying out a new swaddle {still by SwaddleMe} that is made just for newborns – it is quite small in profile and has a zipper closure instead of velcro. i only purchased one pack of these newborn swaddles, but i can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about! as a reminder, the book that taught us all about the value of the swaddle {as well as the other four S’s – side/stomach hold, shushing, swinging and sucking} was The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp.

breastfeed. as long as Baby Boy {and, ahem, my body} both cooperate, nursing is something that i am so looking forward to with Baby Boy. breastfeeding L helped me so much to bond and to feel close to him, and i am anxious to experience that closeness again with Baby Boy. one thing about breastfeeding is changing, however…see below!

bouncy seat and swing. we’ve brought out our trusty Fisher Price swing and our vibrating bouncy seat for Baby Boy, and L has had a blast placing his baby doll {which is a boy, of course} in the seats and practicing his “sssh, sssh, sssh.” of course, he then grabs the baby doll by the head and flings him across the living room, but what’s important to note is that he’s practicing, ladies and gentlemen. he’s PRACTICING. {hopefully he figures it out by the time that Baby Boy arrives…}

cloth diaper. that’s right – this past weekend, i resized all of L’s Fuzzibunz One-Size Elite cloth diapers down to itty-bitty for Baby Boy, and i can’t wait to diaper his cute little bum in all the colors of the rainbow. of course, until Baby Boy is big enough to fit in to the one-size diapers {L was around X months old}, we’ll use disposable diapers. as i mentioned here, we’d still like to add 12-18 BumGenius cloth diapers to our stash, to try out that brand, but that’s a to-be-determined cost that our budget isn’t ready to tackle yet. so, stay tuned!

and now, for what we’re doing differently this time.

what’s new:

Moses basket. as i’ve shared multiple times, my Mom gifted us a gently used Moses basket and rocking stand for Baby Boy no. 2. while we coslept with L when he was a baby, we wanted to try out a different sleeping plan this time around for a variety of reasons, the biggest of which is selfish, admittedly – we want our bed to ourselves, thank-you-very-much! plus, with L transitioning into his own big-boy bed {which is happening this upcoming weekend!!}, we wanted to keep his sleep schedule as uninterrupted as possible while still allowing ourselves to be in close proximity with both the baby {who will live in our bedroom for a time} and L {whose bedroom – which he will eventually share with Baby Boy – is located across the hall from our bedroom}.

infant car seat. while we sang the praises of a convertible car seat when L was a youngster {and we still very much love it!}, i wanted to have a little bit more mobility this time around, now that we’ll have two little ones. i also was {am} nervous about having a winter baby {L was born in June} and keeping his little body cozy and warm, so we’re on Camp Infant Car Seat for Baby Boy no. 2. after a bunch of research {including lifting many a car seat in the store!} and asking many trusted mamas what they used for their kiddos, we went with the Chicco Keyfit 30 {we chose the Snapdragon colors so that it matches with L’s convertible car seat; yes, i am that anal}. i’m psyched to see what i think of it, especially for the daily drop-off and pick-up routine at daycare!

double-electric breast pump. when we had L, i was just finishing up my master’s studies in English literature, so i was able to stay home with L for 15 wonderful {albeit stressful at times} months. because i didn’t pump very often, i didn’t understand the need to spend a large sum of money on an electric breast pump, so i purchased an inexpensive Avent manual pump that got the job done when it needed to. however, with this pregnancy, i will be returning to my full-time teaching position at a local technical college when Baby Boy is two{ish} weeks shy of four months old. therefore, i see the need this time to invest in a double-electric breast pump. what’s great is that in the time between when L was born and when Baby Boy will join our family, we’ve switched insurance plans because of my job, and my insurance now covers a Medela double-electric breast pump! i’m a bit anxious about how the pumping experience will go once i return to work, but i feel relieved that i have almost four months to figure it out!

what did you do differently between kiddos? i’d love to hear your perspective!

{picture of L’s adorable baby toes by Creative Kindling, who will also be taking Baby Boy no. 2’s newborn photos!}

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