…about baby no. 1’s bump watch {27 weeks}.

As I sit here and write this post [I’m writing it on Wednesday night, but you won’t see this until Thursday!], I’m cuddled up next to Wyatt the Dog and I just finished watching the fourth-to-last episode of my favorite show ever, “One Tree Hill.” My husband is seated on the other end of the couch, anxiously watching the Seattle Sounders MLS soccer game on his computer. And the baby? Well, baby boy’s a-kickin’ in my belly, of course!

This past week, my 26th week, has been a great one for me. With Mother Nature finally loosening its grasp on winter, spring time seems to be pushing full steam ahead. Temperatures have been so pleasant around here for the past few days, and Wyatt the Dog and I have taken advantage – we’ve gone on a long walk outside everyday this week since Saturday, which has been wonderful. In the winter, I feel so sluggish and out of shape, because I am not a gym person, so I tend to cuddle up with my extra pounds come snow season. But now that spring is on its way, it feels wonderful to be active, especially with a little baby in my belly that seems to love walks, too!

I’ve also been eating a lot healthier as of late, thanks (mostly) to a week or so spent at home with my Mother’s good home-cooking AND my husband’s diligent reminders to eat more fruit and drink more water. I’ve consumed seven or eight oranges in the past two weeks, which is a lot for me, and nearly every glass of water I drink is seasoned with a fresh lemon or two and a lime – my new obsession. I’ve been drinking a TON of water with lemon and lime, and I haven’t been indulging in too much soda pop, either, which has me feeling healthy, too!

It’s been so much fun to feel the baby move around in my belly – the little man moves around ALL THE TIME, and I feel so blessed to say that, since I remember wondering how the baby was doing early on in my pregnancy, before he was moving around enough for me to feel him – it’s wonderful to have the reassurance that the baby’s still in there, kickin’ away and growing healthy and strong!

Jord and I have been slowly accumulating baby-related items over the past few months (we waited until late January/early February to really start purchasing baby gear), and we’re so excited to say that we’ve finally, FINALLY decided on a color scheme for the nursery! We’ve ordered the fabric for our crib bedding, which my Mom will sew for us, and we can’t wait to deck out the little man’s nursery.

We couldn’t be happier with the color scheme that we’ve chosen; all of the fabrics that we’ve purchased came from Carousel Designs. I don’t have anything but great things to say about Carousel Designs; I ordered three different batches of fabric swatches from them in order to make our final decision on crib bedding, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I just can’t wait for our crib bedding fabric to arrive! In terms of what the rest of the nursery will look like, we’ve been slowly collecting a few special items to include in the baby’s room, and we only have the “big” things (like the crib and crib mattress) left to purchase…but you’ll have to wait until the nursery reveal to get more details! :)

I’ve been keeping a journal for our little man for quite a while now, and I’ve written almost fifty letters to our baby boy – it’s been such a wonderful way for me to reflect on my pregnancy! I plan to continue writing letters to our son throughout his life; it’s such an enjoyable thing for me to do every few days, and it’s helped me to focus on how blessed I feel to be a Mama-to-be.

I can’t believe that I’ve hit the 27-week mark – in only 13(ish) weeks, I’ll be a Mama! I feel so, so grateful for the opportunity to be a Mama, and I know that this baby boy will bless our lives in many ways. Here’s to 13 more weeks!

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