…about our autumn ritual {apple orchard in 2014}.

every fall, our little family makes the one-mile drive {yes, only one mile!} to our local apple orchard. last year’s photos of our time at the apple orchard were some of my favorites all year; in fact, a few shots from the day are still hanging up in my cubicle at work!

this past weekend, the weather was unseasonably nice {especially for South Dakota!}, so when the temperatures topped out at 70 degrees, Jord, L and I made our way to check out the apples. my parents tagged along this year, just like they did last year, which is becoming a tradition of its own – it’s so much fun to take them with us!

here’s a few of my favorite photos from this year’s apple orchard outing:






L even took a ride on the train this year…and he hated it.

photo evidence {i couldn’t help myself}:


the highlight of this year’s outing, though, was what happened seconds after this moment:


L officially fed his first goat, and he was EXCITED. happy claps all around.

what fall traditions do you do with your family?


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