…about the fall of 2013.

i could totally apologize for the extended (and unplanned) break from blogging (since October – holy buckets!), but to be honest, the months of November and December were busy enough for us (and for you, i’m assuming?) that you’ll forgive us for our extended absence. it’s something about those holiday months that suck the time out of our grasp, am i right?


thankfully, our time away has been blissful for the most part. i enjoyed three weeks (!!) off with baby L over the Christmas holiday, which was such a blessing after returning to work on a full time basis this past summer (remember, we were so grateful to be able to afford for me to take an extended maternity leave, during which we lived on Jord’s income alone; i had 14 months of loving on baby L since he was born!). even though returning to work in august 2013 was initially very, very challenging for me and for L, i’m so grateful for the opportunity to teach at the collegiate level and to work in such a fulfilling position. i’m excited and delighted to see what 2014 holds for me professionally.




our little family traveled to the scenic Black Hills of South Dakota for a little getaway over the holidays, and it was there that L enjoyed sledding (oh, did he have fun!) for the very first time. L’s also been talking up a storm – his word count is upwards of twenty for sure, and is probably nearing 30 words. a highlight for us came in November, when he learned to say his own name. in other words, he’s a chatterbox, and is a complete joy to be around – most of the time. at nineteen months old, he’s nearing that so-called “terrible” age of two, where tantrums run rampant and dramatics come into play, and we’re seeing signs of that already. still, our boy is thriving in his home environment and at his “school” (what we call his daycare). he loves his teachers and has made friends with his “classmates,” and we feel such gratitude for his smooth adjustment to school.

Jord has been a busy bee and is finding himself again using his web design talents in both some personal and professional ways. he’s been occupying his free time with a foray into a new game, which i’m sure he’ll tell you about in a later post. it’s such fun for me to see him reenergized by a game that is challenging and enjoyable, even when it takes his focus (just a little bit) away from me.

the biggest changes that have occurred over the past few months that we’ve been absent – apart from L’s verbal skills blossoming – are evident around our home. we’ve been painting a few things, decorating, rearranging, and doing a LOT of daydreaming about this space that we are so lucky to call our home, and i can’t wait to show you the fruits of our labor these past few months. while our updates may seem comparatively minor to what you might see on other home blogs (we didn’t knock any walls down or construct an addition for our home or anything), the updates we’ve made make us happy, so we can’t wait to share.

one more thing i’d like to share: i’m a goal-maker, a resolver, and in brainstorming my intentions for 2014 (many thanks to Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner and Lara Casey’s 2014 Powersheets), i’ve realized the importance of taking time for self-care. one way that i care for myself – that i invest in myself – is by writing, so i hope to devote more of myself to this space in 2014. i might not blog as regularly as i’d like, but i feel strongly that there’s something to the act of coming back here, again and again, to this public space to share my truth with the world. so, with that, here’s to blogging more regularly in 2014, and to sharing more of who i am – and who we are – in this space.

thanks for tuning in! xoxo, Sara

{first photo by larissa lynn photography}

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  • welcome back! We keep a notepad on the fridge and mark down words he says (with the date). In case you want an easy way to catalog them? I can’t WAIT until Z says his own name! That must be adorable!!

    • thanks, lady! i keep a running list on a Notes app on my phone, but it’d be smart to have a list on the fridge, too!


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