Meet Sara

I’m Sara.

Dreamer, Boy Mama + Copywriter

I’m one of those girls who wanted to be a writer as soon as I could read picture books as a little lady. I wrote my first story in fourth grade, a Magic School Bus-style trip through the esophagus. Though my career aspirations changed in middle school, when my aunt’s lavish wedding sprouted dreams of making a life as a wedding planner, and again in high school, when my love for arguments convinced me that I’d been born to be a lawyer, I’ve always been a writer at heart.

In college, I wore my label of “English major” proudly. In graduate school (I was a literature student), I carried around my self-imposed title of “Writer” like a pocket-sized literary anthology.

But after nearly a decade spent in the classroom with dry erase marker smudges on my hands, teaching students to pursue what bubbles up joy in their hearts, I returned again to the beauty of a well-chosen word, this time for small-business clients who I believe in.

Do more of what bubbles up joy in your heart:
serve YOUR people through YOUR business.

Leave the word magic to me.

That’s EXACTLY why I love serving small business owners as a copywriter and social media strategist. And as an educator at heart, we’ll work side by side to infuse unique stories into your business to help you serve your people better and sell to them more.

I believe that your people come to your business because it’s just that: YOURS. And to keep the line of clients showing up at your metaphorical door, you’ve got to help your people to find glimpses of themselves in YOU and in YOUR business. Because if business ownership – and buyer’s choice – isn’t personal, each sweet little storefront in America would only allow ONE owner per industry to set up shop. ONE photographer. ONE real estate agent. ONE calligrapher. ONE therapy clinic.

But friends, we don’t live in that world. Instead, business owners like YOU experience success because YOUR clients choose to work with YOU. And I’m here to help YOU tell that story.

My Favorite Things:

  • loving on my two Doodle pups, Nellie and Mookie
  • yelling at the TV while cheering on the Washington Capitals #ALLCAPS
  • brainstorming and dreaming about literally ANYTHING
  • holding hands with my husband at Costco
  • dreaming, DIYing, and decorating my home
  • equipping and encouraging business owners like YOU to share their stories

I am a lover of grammatical sentences – and breaking the rules once in awhile! – drinking wild orange hot tea and my mama’s homemade hot cocoa, watching women change the world, devouring my husband Jordan’s cooking, cheering on social justice, listening to NPR, snuggling with my sons Lionel and Quincy, and reading memoir and young adult fiction.

Let’s chase after the personal side of YOUR business together!

Have a question? Want to chat about all things mamahood, Meghan and Harry, anxiety, the Enneagram (I’m a 1!), words that SELL, or the latest season of Stranger Things? I’m your girl! I can’t wait to connect.

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