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Of all of the issues that are at stake in the upcoming presidential election, I have determined which two are fundamental for me, upon which I will cast my vote.

I, like many Americans, am horrified by what I see and hear and read about migrant children and their families at our nation’s borders. I remarked this week to a dear friend that I feel powerless to stop such atrocity, but instead of simply accepting such powerlessness, I donated money – five fancy chai lattes worth – to Together Rising. Though my donation was small, it was something that I could do, and something that I will continue to do, as long as these children are marginalized and forgotten by this administration. I will vote for someone – anyone – who has a plan to alleviate the hatred that has permeated society to such an extent that mere children are targets of such venom. It’s more than upsetting – it’s unacceptable.

The other issue on my ballot this November? Student loans. While I am extremely grateful for my undergraduate education at a private, faith-based institution and for my graduate education at a public university, I, like many, find my student loans (and my husband’s as well) burdensome. I’m adding my voice to the conversation that consolidation or refinancing are not in fact solutions to this issue, and my vote this November will be cast for a candidate that not only understands that complexity, but also addresses it with a plan.

What are your fundamental issues at stake in this election? I’m all ears.

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