…about what’s included in a digital audit.

It might just be me, but I’m seeing the word “audit” EVERYWHERE in the marketing world right now. From influencers on Instagram to agencies offering proven expertise for creating a buzz, it seems like all the friends with marketing know-how are offering audits of everything from social media feeds to business websites and other online collateral.

I, too, offer digital audits (no surprise here – I mentioned this awhile back). But what exactly is included in a digital audit, and what makes signing up for one a good business decision? I can’t speak for everyone, but today, I’m spilling what I offer MY digital audit clients.

But first, a note: I call myself a copywriter and a conversion educator, and when I say “educator,” I freaking MEAN IT, y’all – I’m a teacher at my core, and I just LOVE empowering people to own their knowledge and to make it work for them! I take my job as a conversion educator SERIOUSLY, which is why I offer digital audits!

It’s also why I offer FREE 30-minute discovery calls to download ALL my thoughts on YOUR business AND why I don’t hold back the goods during these calls…or in my digital audit deliverables. I’m in the game to arm YOU with the stuff YOU need to serve AND sell more effectively, friend, and once we’re on the phone together chatting about all things YOU and YOUR business, I’m a motor mouth full of ideas who’s unafraid of my beating heart that wants YOU to succeed.

If YOU’RE ready to hedge your bets on greater business success, book a FREE discovery call with me TODAY! I just CANNOT WAIT to help you share YOUR stories and celebrate your successes.

On to the good stuff…

01. Analysis of Social Media Presence + Performance

For my most recent client, a local real estate team who recently expanded and needed to rebrand, I assessed the performance and purpose of their Facebook business page (their only social media platform).

Here’s what I found:

02. Analysis of Other Online Collateral

Then, I moved on to assessing the team’s other online collateral, including their email marketing platform, their website, and their customer reviews.

I then developed a list of actionable takeaways for the team to consider:

My digital audits go a step further, though – instead of simply delivering a list of things to change, to implement, or to terminate, I build the case with a client (during our FREE 30-minute discovery call!) that not only are these recommendations relatively easy to execute, but these tips are also crucial to doing business more effectively.

03. Analysis of Brand Voice

Finally, I data-mine the existing copy throughout the client’s online collateral, from social media captions and “Services” pages to email blasts, blog posts, printed media and leave-behinds. I catalog (using an Excel spreadsheet) the keywords that I see my client’s customers utilizing to describe services rendered or products purchased. I itemize the list and group together similar words/concepts, and then, I calculate the words that are used most often to gain a realistic perspective of a consumer who’s hired this business to complete a task.

Then, I hand over the keys to the kingdom, for the words that a customer uses to describe a business are – you guessed it – the exact words that a business should be using to describe its purpose and market its products and services!

Here’s a peek at the brand voice analysis that I completed for my real estate client (after aggregating nearly 70 customer reviews across multiple websites and platforms!):

Here’s the good news: my digital audits don’t stop there, friend…

04. Bonuses

Here’s a taste of what bonuses and freebies I’ve given away to my digital audit clients, depending on their needs:

  • An e-book on finding YOUR why in business;
  • A free worksheet and personality-style quiz designed to help you find AND apply your company’s brand voice;
  • A list of blog post topics, personalized to YOUR industry;
  • A jam-packed resource guide full of tools, affirmations, and resources to help YOU market your business effectively without logging hours of time in front of your computer;
  • A “connections” toolkit to help you to weave together your compelling stories and your business expertise to serve AND sell to your clients.

PLUS, I also offer my digital audit clients a generous discount when booking my services as a copywriter and a conversion educator, because here’s the thing: I really, really love what I do, and I really, really want to help YOU to do what YOU love to do better.

Are you convinced to take a leap and book a discovery call yet?! I’m here to cheer you on and equip you with strategies that work hard for YOU and for your business.

Feeling some butterflies in your belly holding you back? Let’s chat! DM me on Instagram @hellosaragillis or say hello here. I’m HERE for YOU, friend!

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