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One of the buzzwords (or buzzworthy phrases) in business today – and one that I actually believe in! – involves the importance of finding your WHY.

One of the first questions I ask when I meet business owners is, “What are you hoping for someone to know or come to know as a result of interacting with your business?”

For instance, one of the first clients I met with after launching my copywriting business was a clinical therapist. In our consultation meeting, she shared with me that her purpose is to meet her clients where they are and to walk alongside them in their journey through therapy, of course, but also through life. That mission helped me to craft blog posts and social media content that reflected her central WHY of providing guidance and care that is personalized and flexible to meet each person’s individual needs.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the content I created for her needs:

Experiment with social media-free weekends.

As a busy mama of young kiddos, balancing dance practice and basketball tournaments and church services on my weekends can feel like I work a second (joyful, but stressful) full-time job. One thing that I’ve eliminated from especially busy weekends, or even weeknights where my mental health is a bit more taxed than usual? Social media.

By pausing my scroll for a few days each week, I’ve been able to tune in to the activities – and the people – that bring me joy. And what’s beautiful is this: the world doesn’t stop moving because I’m not there to follow along, and my world doesn’t stop, either. So, if there’s a moment I want to capture in photos, I snap that picture and then set. the. phone. down. I can post that cute snapshot later, when I’m not sitting in a state of overwhelm.

Not sure where to start to reduce your emotional responses to social media? I’m here to help; contact me today to schedule a free consultation.

Now, let’s talk about YOUR guiding purpose, your WHY.

Here’s my take: I believe that if YOUR business isn’t brave and uniquely YOU – and if it’s not grounded in your WHY – you won’t be able to effectively serve – and sell – to your people.

Whether your business provides services, goods, or a combination of the two, I’m of the mind that every business owner needs to uncover their unique WHY early in business in order to use their purpose as a guide to serve – and sell – to their clients.

Here’s a few hints to get YOU started on finding YOUR business’ unique WHY, using one of my favorite journalism hacks: the reporter’s questions!

  • WHO do you want to serve in your business?
  • WHAT stories and experiences brought your business into existence?
  • WHERE will you share these stories and experiences with your people – your customers?
  • WHEN will your clients catch a glimpse of the stories behind your business?
  • HOW will you know which of your true, authentic stories are relatable to YOUR clients and serve the heart of YOUR business?

Your answers to these questions should function as the foundation for your communication with your clients, from your website and your marketing emails to your social media captions. These platforms – your online collateral – need to speak directly to YOUR unique ability to provide solutions for your client’s pain points as a result of engaging with your products or services.

Wondering if your WHY is easily identifiable and consistent throughout your online collateral? Looking to outsource this task to the pros and hedge your bets on greater business success? I’m your girl. Book a FREE 30-minute consultation call with me today!

What You’ll Get:

  1. A rapid-fire “get to know you” Q&A, all about your business;
  2. A robust digital audit (i.e. an examination of your various online collateral, including your website, blog, and social media platforms);
  3. A few actionable takeaways to implement right away;
  4. A FREE ebook with action items to help YOU uncover your WHY; and
  5. The opportunity to reserve additional hours of my time to refine and refresh your business’ online presence by honing YOUR unique WHY. PLUS…a bonus for y’all: for the first THREE business owners who book a FREE call with me, you’ll be able to book additional hours of my writing time and expertise at a reduced hourly rate, saving YOU 20 percent.

I’m the girl who has eagle eyes for sales (especially at Target), but let me be real with you: this sale isn’t just for gimmick’s sake. In this time of social distancing, and when families like mine and yours have been self-quarantined for weeks on end, and with summer looking so, so different for all of us, your business’ online front porch – your website, your social media feed, your customer service emails – your virtual storefront is more important than ever, and I’d be honored to help you serve YOUR people better. My heart beats for small businesses, and I’m ready to serve you.

There’s only gains to be had here, friend – book your FREE call today!

I can’t wait to help you share YOUR why with YOUR people.

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