…about the new What Sara Said.

WELCOME to the NEW What Sara Said, friends! Thanks SO much for following along. This relaunch has been a LONG time coming, and I’m elated to finally share this new space with you.

If you’ve been around for a while, you may know that What Sara Said is far from my first blog. In the past nine years of blogging, you could find me at What About Sara, Eco-Vintage Weddings, and Our Family Roost. All of those spaces served a purpose for me – What About Sara was my first blog on the Internet, and I tried ALL THE THINGS (including an in-your-face-pink-and-black-rocker-theme, which is SO not me); Eco-Vintage Weddings was my canvas as I planned my wedding; and Our Family Roost was the host of many of my musings on motherhood and home decor and everything in between.

But none of those spaces have ever felt truly like ME…until now.

Within this space, I am eager to serve women who, despite their obvious gifts and their inherent worth, feel stuck fighting questions of not being enough, are coming up empty after yet another day of allowing comparison to reign, and want to break this cycle in favor of embracing their truth.

But where do we start? How do we bravely move forward in the name of living authentically?

Get cozy: I’m here for you.

After years of writing my stories and sharing only snippets of myself, out of fear that someone would actually know me, something changed for me this fall. As I sat in a women’s workshop on bravery, I felt a quickening in my heart, a shift in my focus as I listened. And I realized, throughout the course of that talk, that feeling brave enough to embrace the stories of our lives and using those stories to cultivate connection with others is what I, and, what women today, deeply need.

Womanhood is, to put it simply, categorically difficult. Comparison seemingly reigns above all. Women criticize other women’s successes. Motherhood is a lonely endeavor. WORKING motherhood is equally lonely. And in the midst of the negative self-talk, the meetings, the diapers, the pay gap, the snack schedules and the obligations, I need to be known, to be seen, to be understood not simply as a mother, but as a woman, too. And I have a feeling that you, friend, feel the same way.

The moments in which I’ve felt the most known, the most understood, have been when I’ve shared the stories that have shaped who I am. I’ve learned that I feel truly connected when I listen to another woman’s stories and find bits of myself within her story. I believe that the stories that we share with one another allow us to see and to know ourselves more, and to know that we aren’t alone in our struggles, our successes, our in-betweens.

There’s more to come in this space, certainly, but here’s what you can expect to see on the new What Sara Said:

  • Practical, quick-win writing tips to help women like YOU write or document the stories in your life that bubble up and demand to be told;
  • Inspiration and encouragement to be brave, to embrace your story, and to share it, even with one person, if you feel comfortable;
  • Newsletters, arriving monthly via email, with bonus tips, tricks, writing challenges and stories-in-progress from me;
  • Featured storyteller posts to introduce you to some amazingly talented and authentic truth-tellers in a variety of industries, all of whom are linked by their commitment to telling stories;
  • Freebies, including guides to equip you and prompts to inspire you to let go of doubt and get to work;
  • Stories of my own (of course).

Again, thank you all for being here.

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One Comment

  • I am SO excited to read what you have in store for us Sara!
    I see myself in so many of your comments.
    Love you, bunches bunches, ever ever, with ALL my heart!


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