…about the enneagram.

A few weeks ago, I shared on Instagram that I had completed an Enneagram assessment online, and that it revealed that I was a Type One.

Here’s a brief summary of a Type One, as taken from the website above, where I completed my first quiz:

People of this personality type are essentially looking to make things better, as they think nothing is ever quite good enough. This makes them perfectionists who desire to reform and improve; idealists who strive to make order out of the omnipresent chaos.

Ones have a fine eye for detail. They are always aware of the flaws in themselves, others and the situations in which they find themselves. This triggers their need to improve, which can be beneficial for all concerned, but which can also prove to be burdensome to both the One and those who are on the receiving end of the One’s reform efforts.

Source: Eclectic Energies

However, in the midst of one of my daily binges of Instagram Stories (I just CAN’T GET ENOUGH of Stories!), I came across Beth of Your Enneagram Coach, who was recently featured on Allie Casazza’s podcast, The Purpose Show. After diving in to Beth’s Instagram account and web resources, I decided to take one more Enneagram assessment, to make sure that my Type One “diagnosis” was correct.

You guys. I’m a TYPE FOUR.

At first, I was super ticked. I was ready to hone my Type One self! I rejoiced in finally being understood and appreciated for who I am! And that, friends, is why I’m a FOUR – I yearn deeply for others to acknowledge my unique self.

More here:

CORE FEAR: being inadequate, emotionally cut off, plain, mundane, defective, flawed, or being without significance.

CORE DESIRE: to be unique, special and their authentic self (deteriorates into self-indulgence)

SELF-IMAGE: I am deep, intellectual, emotional, accomplished, tasteful, long for beauty, and have good aesthetic.

CORE WEAKNESS: Envy – feeling that something is fundamentally missing in them. Envy leads them to feel that others possess qualities that they lack. They long for what is missing but miss the many blessings in their lives.

You are seen for who you are — special and unique.

Beth McCord, Your Enneagram Coach

After recasting myself in my own mind as a Type Four, I couldn’t believe how much I resonated with the words of Beth’s description above. Even the tagline spoke to me; as a Type Four, I’m called a “Romantic Individualist.” For those of you who know me well, I’m not sure there’s quite another moniker that fits me and what I value so closely.

So, how am I applying this newly-minted self-awareness in my relationships with family and friends, in my marriage, in my work, and in my self-talking mind and heart? Stay tuned for more on that soon, friends, but a short story before I sign off: I totally made my husband, Jordan, retake the Enneagram assessment that Beth provides, and while Jordan’s results were quite inconclusive the first time around, with Beth’s quiz, we learned that Jordan is…*drumroll* a Type THREE! Again, if you know Jordan, it’s eerie how spot-on this is!

Read more below:

Types Threes are people who measure themselves by external achievement and the roles that they play. They may be goal-oriented, accomplished, and excel at what they do, or they can be embellish the truth, be overly competitive, and focused only on their own accomplishments.

What drives a Type Three to think, feel, and behave in particular ways?

CORE FEAR: Being exposed as or thought incompetent, inefficient, or worthless; failing to be or appear successful.

CORE DESIRE: Having high status and respect, being admired, successful, and valuable.

CORE WEAKNESS: Deceit – deceiving themselves into believing that they are only the image they present to others; embellishing the truth by putting on a polished persona for everyone (including themselves) to see and admire.

MESSAGE THEY LONG TO HEAR: “You are loved for simply being you.”

Beth McCord, Your Enneagram Coach

Friends, if I haven’t convinced you yet to take this FREE assessment, what are you waiting for?! There’s more to come from me on the enneagram – chime in below and tell me what type YOU are!

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  • I took it last week. I am type 1. I knew I was a perfectionist and that I was hard on myself. I didn’t, however, consider how hard I am on others… Only better from here :)

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