…about the 2010s.

One of the aspects of life that I never quite seem to grasp fully is the quickness of time, and that’s the case yet again today, as I sit here wondering where the past few months – where the past decade – has gone.

At the cusp of the 2010s, I was engaged to be married and enjoying life as a new college graduate with six months of work to my name. Then the student loan bills came, and then the wedding, and then the yearning for more education, a path which took our marriage, in its infancy, to a new town. It was my first move away from home.

As the 2010s come to a close, my marriage is in the midst of its tweens; we’ll mark thirteen years together in January, ten of those married in July. I’m still paying those student loans – with no end in sight – and after earning a Master of Arts degree, I’m again, at the conclusion of this decade, contemplating more education. And after three years away in that town that was new to us just nine years ago, we came home, first to Harrisburg and now to Sioux Falls, and we’ve made our life here.

One (well, two) more lasting reminders of the decade that’s nearly the past: my sons, growing boys at seven and five years old, sweet children that weren’t yet ideas as this decade began.

And what comes as no surprise to anyone who has parented littles, these boys of ours both delight us endlessly and strain us mightily. Yet of all the accomplishments and notable (both uplifting and draining) moments of this last decade – and there have been many; see the end of this post for a list of honorable mentions! – it’s giving life to these two little beings that leave me bittersweetly, yet gratefully, reflecting on this passage of time.

The time it would require to adequately describe each adventure, epic and minor, of our boys’ lives this decade is an impossible task, so instead, I’ll focus on this year, the close of the 2010s.

Lionel’s 2019 will always be remembered as the year he became a Sioux Falls Flyer. This year also marked the loss of his first tooth and the conquering of his bicycle sans training wheels, yet, praise God, he’s still our snuggly kiddo who adores hockey, Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts, turning everything into a competition, and singing Blink-182 songs.

Our Quincy, comparatively, also had a hallmark year in 2019; he’s leveled up to a big boy in our house now that he’s potty-trained, and his five-year-old self is witty and stubborn, saucy and sweet; in other words, he’s earned his nickname, Bug. His uncanny memory of the Washington Capitals players’ names and numbers delights us, as does his devoted love of cheese and his frequent declarations of love for us, his family.

While we’ve certainly endured moments of joy and episodes of strife in the past decade, I hope that my future self looks back upon these years with fondness, wringing out the tenderness like drops from the washcloth that cleans dirty dish after dish, and leaving behind the sorrow, the loneliness, the self-doubt.

Tell me, friends: what ranks high on your list of notable moments this decade? Share the good and the not-so-good, and pay tribute to persevering through it all.

My honorable mentions this decade: the loss of my grandmother (2019); battling depression and anxiety (2010-2011; 2018-present); Nellie the Golden Doodle joining our family (2017); purchasing our first home (2013) and then our second home (2018); seeking therapy and finding solace and recognition and reassurance and much, much more (2018-present); teaching (2013-2019); our honeymoon redo in Seattle (2013); and watching the Washington Capitals win the Stanley Cup (2018).

{photo by Creative Kindling, who has graciously captured many of our moments this past decade}

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