…about songs that evoke emotion.

as i was watching the Winter Olympics last night, cheering like a mad fool for the USA, I was struck by just how much i ADORE the Olympics theme song.

the music itself is so simple – no fancy trap beats or synthesizers – but it brings me right back to my childhood.

as a young seven-year-old kid, i vividly recall sitting on my knees in front of the TV in my childhood living room, probably about 8 inches from the screen, watching Russia’s Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov complete their pairs program. they were married and were parents to a daughter named Daria (which, incidentally, became my favorite girl name for a while), and as they skated together, i could feel their love for each other through the TV screen. i clapped wildly and thought to myself, “that’s what love is.” the two later went on to win the gold medal in the Lillehammer Olympics, and then, sadly, Sergei died of a heart attack on the ice just one year later.

upon hearing the news, i sobbed. for Katia, for Daria, and for my own loss – watching them skate for me, as a young girl, was the closest personification of love that i had, apart from the influence of my own parents.

i was crushed. but, i went on to read Katia’s memoir countless times (My Sergei: A Love Story is still on my bookshelf today), and i took comfort in her remarriage and subsequent growth of her family to include one more daughter.

and ALL of these emotions came back to me last night, as i heard the Olympics theme song.

what a powerful thing, music.

here are three more songs that elicit an emotional response from me:

  1. absolutely ANYTHING by the Backstreet Boys. their music is, essentially, the soundtrack to my adolescence. i’ve seen BSB in concert five times since, and each time i hear their music, i giggle and twitch and see stars in my eyes for these five heartthrobs that were my first loves. #Brianforever
  2. “My Desire” by Jeremy Camp. this is one of the first Christian music tunes i heard as a college student that spoke to my need, at that point in my life, to sprinkle a lot more Jesus into my days. it’s still one of my favorites – and when i heard Jeremy sing it live years ago (when i was still in college), my tears surprised me.
  3. “The Adventure” by Angels and Airwaves. this song has sentimental meaning always, but especially today, Valentine’s Day.about 12 years ago, a boy chased after a girl, trying to capture her heart. when she finally relented, about one year later, the boy made the girl a CD of his favorite songs, and this one was on it.

    it played during some of the most tender moments of this couple’s early days of falling in love.

    and guess what…

    reader, i married this boy.

    happy Valentine’s Day, and happy everything, Jordan. this life is one for the record books.

{photo by Casey Sjogren from Write: Doe Bay 2013}

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  • I have always loooved the opening of The Adventure. It’s cinematic to me. I could listen to a full length instrumental like that. What a poignant title too, for you and Jordan’s “adventure” :)

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