…about selling our house.

ahem, radio silence has come to an end.

you know when you greet a person you haven’t seen in a while, and they ask how you’ve been, and you say “busy”? even when it’s true, and goodness, it’s been TRUE for us lately, i’m feeling like it’s time to put a stop to the word “busy” as a response to this question. it feels a bit like a badge of honor (“i’ve been busy SAVING THE WORLD or KEEPING MY CRAP TOGETHER or EDUCATING THE YOUTH OF AMERICA” – my frequent – and sarcastic – response), but friends, i’m of the opinion that we’re ALL busy, Amen? as i remark frequently to “my” people, we ALL have our stuff, and sometimes our stuff keeps us busy.

my stuff lately involves desperately pleading with my littles to PLEASE FOR THE LOVE do NOT play hockey in the house, not to disturb the throw pillow that i’ve just fluffed and karate-chopped into place for the eighteenth time, not to drop eleventy thousand colorful Pop Tart sprinkles on the kitchen floor…basically, not to disturb the absurdly imperfect “perfect” home that i’m currently trying to showcase.

in other words…our first home is officially on the market.

the decision to sell our home (that we really do love) has been an idea we’ve tossed around for the past year or so, particularly when conversations come up about our love for entertaining and, to be honest, about (eventually) having more kiddos.

when it comes to entertaining, we love having our friends over for super nacho dinners, drinks and board games, and we enjoy hosting family holiday dinners. as our friend group expands and as our families add more littles and more canines, the small footprint of our kitchen and dining space, however, has had us wishing for a bit more space.

we still haven’t made a decision on the kid front (i, for one, mean it every time i use the hashtag #nomorekids in my text message conversations with Jordan, but i can’t see a baby without my uterus aching). BUT, our current home only offers 3 bedrooms (2 on the main floor), and we’d most certainly need at least 4 bedrooms to squeak by as a maybe, someday, probably-not-but-we-slash-i-can’t-decide family of 5.

i don’t want to mischaracterize our reasoning for moving, though – we are NOT moving so that we can have another baby someday. NOT at all.

it’s actually quite the opposite – we’re moving so that we can offer ourselves and our two boys more room to play and grow and celebrate and learn and just BE.

we’re already under contract for a new home (and i CANNOT WAIT to share it with you after we close!), but i’ll tell you this, for now: i’m SO EXCITED about raising our boys in this home. i stay awake thinking about family dinners and playroom antics and mature trees in the backyard and Jordan finally having an office with a door and all of us sleeping on one floor until the boys move out (holla for 3 bedrooms on the same floor!). i’m also selfishly excited for the master bathroom, featuring a jacuzzi bathtub with my name on it. the Mama of the house FINALLY gets her tub, y’all.

but, before we dwell on all the excitement…before we can close on our new house…we actually have to sell our home. and doing so definitely has some weight to it. i’m not regretful or wishy-washy at ALL about selling our home, but like any major transition, it’s emotion-filled and exhausting at times.

this is the home where Lionel took off walking the week that we moved in.

this is the home where we got the call that Jordan’s two-hour commute (round-trip) had finally come to an end – that he’d gotten an amazing job just 15 minutes away from our home.

this is the home where i battled pre-term labor, and where we brought home our Quincy after he arrived 3.5 weeks early and had a brief stay in the NICU.

this is the home where our kids played in the front yard every single day, every summer, since Lionel was 1 year old.

this is the home that featured painted baseball diamonds and soccer fields on the yards when Daddy was feeling creative.

this is the home that Stomp from the Sioux Falls Stampede visited as a super surprise for Lionel’s third birthday party.

this is the home that i poured my soul into decorating to make it work for us, to make it feel like ours.

this is the home that we left on the morning that we brought Lionel to kindergarten, and this is the home that i came home to later that same morning, with tears in my eyes about how big my boy had grown.

and while i’m equally excited to make new memories in our new home, i’m grateful for the snapshots, the freeze-frames, the memories that this house has given us. and it feels good to really feel that emotion, even just for a few minutes. and it feels even better to think and dream about the family that will (hopefully) occupy this home and make even more memories for years to come.

whew. who wants to come clean my house every day from now until our home sells? it’s only been two weeks, but i’m spent…


UPDATE: sadly, we “lost” the house we were under contract for to a cash buyer mere days after i posted this…but we are still pursuing selling our home, and we have faith that the good Lord has another home planned for our family!

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