…about my word for 2019.

What if, in 2019, we refuse to shed pounds or adopt habits or forgo Netflix and instead, we focus on doing and being and seeing and feeling all things “enough”? Not in excess, not in scarcity, but simply “as much as required.”

What if instead of vowing to count carbs in an effort to lose the post-baby muffin top, we focus on being healthy “enough,” on doing what we can, when we can, but never diminishing or criticizing the semi-squishy body or the imperfect heart that holds tightly to our growing-too-fast children?

What if, instead of assigning a word for the year that is focused on our external selves or on another person’s thoughts of us – words like “visible” or “attractive” or “successful” – we deny comparison’s siren song by choosing, day after day, to live by the word “enough”?

What if, instead of setting goals that foster comparison, not confidence; consumerism, not contentment; or chaos, not calm, we meditate, over and over again, on this key phrase “I am enough”?

What does “enough” look like?

It looks like celebrating, not condemning, dates with the treadmill that are more infrequent than not.

It looks like delight, not disdain, when consuming the carbs in Grandma’s chocolate pie.

It looks like seeing, not denying or depricating, the person that our children see each time we catch our reflection in the mirror.

It looks like cultivating, not criticizing, our shortcomings as opportunities for growth.

That, friends, is a word, a world, a self worth embracing in 2019.

Won’t you join me?

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