…about love.

Storming the Void

Two vessels, clinging.

Entangled lines, long bows

All a testament to the craft

Ardor for sailing quells all loves.

A pair of peonies, pink in hue.

Petals feathered, kneeling to meet

Quivering with the wisps of a cool breeze

Healer to the gods, everlasting life.

Stitches in a quilt, double in number.

Flush in form, symmetrical in execution

Tints married, interwoven, forever linked

Speechless expression betters voices.

Two lovers, fingers intertwined

Knots of bone, smooth as seaglass

A ring guaranteeing nothing, promising everything
Hope exists without a safety net.

Love storms the void.

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Hi! I’m Sara.

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I love serving small business owners to craft copy and content that’s word-magic. And as a strategist and an educator at heart, I’m excited to work side by side with YOU, friend, to infuse stories and personality into your business so that YOU can serve your people better and sell to them more, too.

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