…about how many kids is enough.

an oft-had debate in our house typically goes like this:

me, after seeing a pregnant woman, seeing a baby, thinking about holding a baby, seeing a little girl anywhere, everywherelet’s have a baby!

Jordan, my husband, who is far more rational and less hormonal: let’s not! we have two great boys! we’ll never have a girl anyway – the statistical likelihood of us conceiving a daughter, after having two boys, is…

me: *tunes out* butttttt i don’t feel done. butttttt look how much happiness our kids bring us! butttttt what if we DO have a girl?!

Jordan: *sighs* we aren’t ready. not even close.


and he’s right.


our boys, ages 5.5 and 3, need a lot of us right now. and even when they don’t need us (cue the “i do it myself” demand), they still require a lot of time. Quincy won’t potty-train, Lionel wants to change costumes or put on gear for a different sport every ten minutes, and Jordan and I are in the middle of it, changing diapers and fetching hockey gloves and picking up discarded basketball shorts and trying to keep our sanity.

we aren’t ready.


but gosh, wouldn’t it be nice if we were?


{photo by Creative Kindling; print available via Lay Baby Lay here}

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  • Lol….no one is ever truly ready. Search in your heart and you will know if you will be content the rest of your life “if this is all there is”. 😀

  • Thanks for your perspective! I think that we’re just at an impasse – I’m not ready to let it go, and Jordan’s not ready to dive in. Both fair positions…thank goodness we have time to decide!

  • And believe me…I understand wanting the girl and trying ‘one last time’ only to have another boy….but looking back, wouldn’t change a thing!

  • It is SO HARD!!!! Even for me, who is firmly in the “we are so done, I’ve sold all our baby gear and scheduled an appointment for husband….” I know I’m done but every once in a while doubt creeps in. So if it’s that hard for someone who feels decided, I can’t imagine being in your shoes! I don’t think there will ever be a clear answer. A friend is in the same spot and she said even though it feels crazy now, she knows that in 5 years, she’ll have wished they did. I don’t feel that at all. I hope you find some peace!

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