…about copywriting for beginners.

Remember the first day of trigonometry class when your kind, but balding male teacher said the words “unit circle,” and you watched all the smart kids in your class nod and smile like they studied BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS?


That’s what most people in my life looked like when I mentioned that I was offering “copywriting” services.

So just in case you’re new around here – or you’ve been that girl in trigonometry class, like ME – let’s take it back to the basics today, friends!

Uh, what IS copywriting? Glad you asked! Remember the greasy car salesman talk that feels forced and slimy – the chatter we all detest? It’s NOT that. Instead, think about a product or service that you’ve searched for online that, perhaps, solves a problem you’re experiencing or offers a different, a better way to do life or business or fill-in-the-blank-here.

Copywriters WRITE the sales pages or the services pages that you come across when searching for solutions to that problem you have, whether your problem is a $14.97 Target special or a $30,000 car.

In other words, copywriters create messaging that helps consumers (which we all are!) make a purchasing decision – to know if a product or service is in fact right for them.

Who hires copywriters? Who needs copywriters? Short answer: anyone selling a product or service! Longer answer: In this time of wearing masks, of self-quarantines, and with summer feeling so, so different for all of us, a business’ online front porch – a website, a social media feed or customer service emails – a company’s virtual storefront is more important than ever.

My heart beats for small businesses, and I’m ready to serve.

What does a copywriter actually DO? While I’m trained in every medium of copywriting from websites, emails and advertisements to corporate collateral, I also have been blogging for more than a decade and am studious of all things social media, so I dabble in content writing and social media strategy, too.

My ideal clients? They let me do a little bit of everything! Variety is what I love the most about what I do.

How do I know I need a copywriter for my business? I actually wrote a post all about three clues that signal your messaging might be missing the mark – check it out here – but beyond that, I always work with potential clients to identify growth opportunities, to improve their marketing and their messaging, to be bold in trying new things, and to accomplish all of the goals they’ve never devoted time to achieving.

To be completely honest with you – as a copywriter and conversion educator, I feel like a fairy godmother at times, because I get to work with stellar business owners who are serving their people so well that they bring me in to make word magic while they do what they do best: make and create and serve, serve, serve. It’s such an honor.

I’m willing to gamble that if you’ve read this far, you’re one of those special business owners who’s so dedicated to your craft and to serving your people. If so, it’s time to take another look at the WAY that YOU’RE serving – and selling – to YOUR people.

Leave YOUR messaging to the pros, friend, and reach out to me.

I’m here for YOU.

Book a FREE 30-Minute Discovery Call with Sara TODAY!

I can’t wait to help you tell your stories and convert your next interaction into your most loyal client.

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Hi! I’m Sara.

thanks for reading!

I love serving small business owners to craft copy and content that’s word-magic. And as a strategist and an educator at heart, I’m excited to work side by side with YOU, friend, to infuse stories and personality into your business so that YOU can serve your people better and sell to them more, too.

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No matter how innovative or needed or just-get-in-my-cart-already your new service or product may be, if your website isn’t fine-tuned and turned up to level awesome, your launch could FALL. FLAT.

Don’t let that happen! Hire a fresh set of eyes (ahem, ME) to audit your site before you hit GO.

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