…about 4 things i’d change about our wedding.

confession time, guys: i just LOVE weddings. i love weddings in the most embarrassing, cry-your-eyes-out, oogle-the-veil, ask-a-million-questions-about-the-décor way.

planning my own wedding was one of the best experiences of my life, but one of the trickiest as well. as someone who planned weddings for my friends IN MIDDLE SCHOOL (complete with seasonal variations on location, gown, bridesmaid dresses and honeymoon spots, as well as peonies everywhere for all of my friends, because DUH), I had quite a few “visions” (sure, let’s call it that) about what I wanted for my own wedding day. i can also be known to have A LOT of opinions about weddings that i attend, weddings that i see online, weddings of which a friend of a friend of a friend attends and secretly sends me photos…

in short, i’m wedding obsessed.

so, i’m writing today to share four things that i’d change about my wedding if i were getting married in 2019. because why not?

no. 1: more YELLOW {thank you, Pinterest}.

i planned my wedding (i even wrote a wedding blog!) before the advent of Pinterest. writing that here makes me feel like i’m sooooo old, but i’m choosing to think instead that this site is so YOUNG, but of course, goal no. 1 would be to utilize Pinterest (follow me using the social media icons above!) to collect inspiration images that speak to my heart.

one idea that i just ADORE (and, ahem, have pinned to my Vow Renewal board…hint-hint, husband) involves the use of YELLOW, my favorite color:

this yellow birdcage veil combined with orangey-red lip color is LIFE {photo via Ruffled – credit: Chad Cress}

this RIDICULOUSLY awesome yellow elopement dress from Sarah Seven {photo via Green Wedding Shoes – credit: Levi Tijerina}

no. 2: a live band.

nothing (well, except for the BEST DANCING SONG EVER aka Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”) gets me jumping and grooving like a live band. we were rather meager workerbees at the time of our 2010 wedding, so we created a playlist in iTunes and went the iPod route (with legit speakers, though), and while the memories of crafting our playlist are fond, i’d much rather recall drunken karaoke-like attempts to sing Journey on a stage with a live band, as opposed to me just singing and jumping around as i shout-sang along with the recorded track.

no. 3: a domestic honeymoon.

you can read more about our Jamaican honeymoon here, but to make a LOOOONG post short – i got an education whilst in Jamaica, and for the goody-two-shoes (*raises hand*) in the room, let’s just say it was an education in extracurricular paraphernalia.

i’d rather get an education in architecture (see the photo below from my dear cousin Kristen’s recent trip to San Francisco!), in fine cuisine (i need to try NY pizza in order to properly compare it to Chicago’s), or in decor-related shopping binges (Magnolia, anyone?).

no. 4: or just ELOPE.

once upon a time, Jordan and i discussed the possibility of having a very small wedding, perhaps with only 40 people or so in attendance. although we ultimately decided against this in favor of a larger gathering, Jordan did suggest that we consider eloping, perhaps in some far-away locale with a beach conveniently nearby. i was hesitant to walk down this aisle (pun very much intended) because of my elderly grandmother, but in rethinking this decision today, i am smitten with the idea of traveling away with my beloved, just the two of us, and promising forever with a beautiful locale as the backdrop.

a few elopements in particular that speak to me…

this city hall elopement in San Francisco, captured in this black and white image, is stunning {photo via + credit – Arrowood Photography}

this adorable elopement couple {photo via Refinery 29; credit – Winnie Au}

and finally, this elopement in Whistler is just giving me all the mountain feels {photo via Rocky Mountain Bride; credit – JL Photo}

if you’re married, what would you change about your wedding day?

if you’re not married, what’s your one must-have?

{featured image: our wedding photo; credit – Creative Kindling}

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