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hi all! it has been awhile since we have posted, but we have a great excuse…


that’s right – we are expecting baby no. 2! after writing this post on our (relative, of course) “struggles” to conceive this baby, i felt so grateful for the outpouring of support and love we received from readers, friends and family. and what is so magical – and what continues to amaze me about God’s divine timing – is that we were likely either pregnant or about to become pregnant when that post hit the web. that’s a God thing right there, i am convinced!

anyway, we are so blessed to be preparing to welcome another little Gillis to our family early in December. at this point (i am 17 weeks along), we are planning on a scheduled c-section for this birth, since i had a c-section with L (click here to catch up on how L came into this world). our 20-week anatomy scan is scheduled for our four-year wedding anniversary (how special!), which is just a few short weeks away, and we are so hoping that little Gillis no. 2 shows us “the goods” so that we can share and celebrate our little mister or miss on the way with our loved ones (and you!).

in other news, this little guy turned two recently:


we celebrated with an Elmo-themed bash that was a big hit with our little man, and we were so delighted to share our love for our firstborn with our family and friends!

we are also (bravely, we are told) taking on the task of potty-training this month. we have noticed over the past two months that L is proving his readiness to end his time with diapers. specifically, he has begun telling us when he wants to be changed and when he is pooping, and he has even started taking off his own diapers in favor of nudity (so much so that he needs to wear shorts/pants nearly all the time to prevent this!).

we plan to follow this potty training “boot camp” method (thank you, Pinterest, for helping me to find a wealth of sources on potty-training success!). last night, we took L shopping for “big-boy undies” and stickers for his sticker chart (he will “earn” a sticker every time he goes in the potty!). our potty-training efforts begin tomorrow (Thursday); in other words, we are using the long holiday weekend to our benefit to help L to grow comfortable with using the potty. we realize that this effort will be ongoing throughout the rest of the summer especially, but it is our goal to have L comfortably in undies during the day time at least (nap time and night time will be a bonus) by the time he returns to school (daycare) in mid-August.

one more thing on potty training: we wouldn’t even consider potty-training L at this age (25 months) if he hadn’t displayed a sense of readiness AND if his vocabulary skills and mental/emotional development weren’t so mature (his doctors’ words). in other words, while we are hoping that he is truly “ready,” we are more than prepared to wait a few weeks/months if this round of potty training doesn’t go well. we want this to be a positive experience for L, and we will work hard to make sure it is, which means following his lead this weekend.

now, on to some house things…

* we are the proud owners of a new (to us) vintage dresser. you might recall that we are selling our bedroom furniture (originally from IKEA – the Hemnes line) to my brother, and since one of those pieces is our Hemnes dresser, we have long been on the hunt for a piece with the personality and storage capacity that we wanted for the space.

and so, may i introduce our new (old) yellow friend, which we purchased from a local vintage store (Aviena Vintage, for you South Dakota locals) for about $270 beans:


the price was a bit more steep than we wanted to pay, but the quality of the piece is unmatched, and the color couldn’t be more perfect with our indigo-painted walls.


* this weekend, Jord and i plan to build our new bed for our master bedroom. we plan to be outdoors and/or on wipeable surfaces most of the weekend as we potty-train L (he loves being outside, and accident clean-up will be much easier outside/on tile), so we feel that this will be the ideal weekend for a little construction project. the bed is a simple platform bed without a headboard, since i plan to DIY an upholstered headboard for us in the near future. the plans we are following are these from the amazing Ana White’s DIY website.

* provided that L is able to grasp the potty-training concept this summer/fall, we plan to transition him from his crib into a twin bed sometime in late fall, before baby. no. 2 makes his/her debut. we feel so fortunate to have been gifted two wooden twin bed frames (headboard and footboard with side rails) from my mother’s childhood; we can’t wait to freshen them up with some paint (even though we won’t need bed no. 2 for a few years, why not paint it now?!), track down the perfect bedding, and update some of the artwork on his walls to complete L’s “big-boy” room.

– side note: we plan to reuse the crib for baby no. 2, of course, but we plan to move it into our bedroom to help L to continue his (stellar) sleep time (relatively) uninterrupted. (i cannot wait to carve out a personalized space just for baby in our room!)

– once we have baby no. 2 sleeping on a relatively dependable nighttime schedule (a concept which makes me laugh, because babies certainly have their own agendas and ideas, but we will sure try!), we plan to have L and baby no. 2 share a room for the foreseeable future (regardless of baby no. 2’s gender). our home’s third bedroom is downstairs, so our two kiddos will likely share until we are comfortable with L sleeping on a different level of the house than us. plus, shared kiddo rooms are fun to design and dream up (check out my Pinterest board for evidence!), and i look back fondly on the times when i shared a room as a youngster with my brother!

* other items on the house to-do list before baby no. 2 arrives include painting/touching up few pieces of furniture (two wooden rockers and the twin beds), which my parents have generously offered to help us complete. anything else that we complete (like a DIY sunburst mirror – made out of shims! – that i have been working on forever, the headboard for our bedroom, the pallet accent wall in our basement, and more…) will be a bonus.

alright, nap time is calling little L’s name, and since the days that are left for me to rock him to sleep are numbered (both because of the quickly evaporating summer and due to the kicking babe in my belly), i must soak up these fleeting moments with our first boy. back soon!

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