…about Quincy turning SIX MONTHS OLD.

dear Quincy-Bug,

you, sweet boy, are six months old today, and i can’t believe it.


when your brother hit the six-month milestone, i was just as surprised by the quick passing of time. yet with you, as i’ve watched you stretch and flail and kick and chub your way from a wily five-pound baby {whose early arrival earned you a visit to the NICU} to your roly-poly, heavy-as-a-Christmas-ham self, it seems as if time hasn’t merely passed; instead, it’s raced on by, like your brother’s beloved Lightning McQueen who, he insists, drives “super fast.”

speaking of your brother…oh, you love him.

your Daddy and i often remark at how anything, everything that your brother does, you find fantastic and fascinating. just this morning, i was helping Lionel to get dressed, and as you watched your older brother exclaim with glee at wearing a new shirt today, you graced us with your famous gummy smile, obviously in love with your big brother, who, for the record, is so very sweet to you. while you may not be a big fan of his frequent kisses or his insistence on snuggling {or smothering, depending on the moment}, you certainly are smitten with everything that Lionel is and does, and you take great delight in watching his every move.

unlike your big brother, though, you’ve grown into a more independent little one; while Lionel refused to sleep on his own {and, let’s be honest, still prefers to snuggle Mama than sleep in his big-boy bed}, you’ve voiced your preference for solitary sleep for the past month or so. while your brother certainly had rolls and chub of his own as a baby, your delicious chub fills out your entire body, leaving many an elbow dimple and chunky leg for Mama to kiss and zurbit. while L was delighted to try baby food for the first time at six months old, Mama and Daddy feel certain that you will devour every helping of food that we give you and quickly demand more and more – in short, we can’t wait to give you your first taste of baby cereal this weekend.

oh yes – ever since your arrival, you’ve shown us repeatedly that you are your own little person, sweet Q. from the minute that you surprised us by arriving ahead of schedule, you haven’t stopped catching us by surprise, and we feel so grateful for all that you are and all that you’ll become. we are so thankful for you, Quincy-Bug.



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