…about a few quick home updates.

today, i thought i’d share a few small-scale updates that we’ve made around the house.

update no. 1: we’ve made a few additions to our small-scale gallery wall in the upstairs hallway. layout-wise, these frames are hung at the end of the hallway upstairs; L’s room is to the left, and the master bedroom is to the right.


the frame at the top right features a map of Seattle, one of Jord and my most favorite places, and the destination of our honeymoon redo in 2011. we became quickly entranced by the city, and i can’t wait to return (for a solo trip this time!) in April – more on that to come.

update no. 2: after seeing this adorableness on Pinterest, i had to duplicate the same look in our kitchen:



i’d love to paint or add color to the cake stand (which is a World Market find), but for now, this adds an eensy bit of charm to doing the dishes – or at least that’s what i’d think if i ever did the dishes…

update no. 3: we hung some canvases of L around the house because, well, he’s our boy, and he’s the most adorable little guy to us. my aunt joked that she’ll be anxious to see if our future kiddos get the same love all over our walls when they join our family someday, but i’m confident that if our future kiddos are as cute as L, they’ll be blanketing the walls of this place.

here’s an arrangement of canvases that span the staircase down to the lower level:



update no. 4: when L was born, he was blessed with one awesome changing table, a find that i explained in this post of yore. since he’s grown, we’ve repurposed his changing table as a console table of sorts in our living room upstairs. since our color scheme upstairs doesn’t include such a bright hue of lime, the table needed a fresh coat of paint.

as i’ve mentioned before, i’m a big fan of the punch of color that our freshly painted blue entry doors offer to our entryway, so BM’s Blue Lake was the obvious choice when repainting the table.

here’s the table in L’s nursery, shortly after he was born {photo by Creative Kindling}:


and now, take a look at the repainted table in action in our living room:


We love how the fun punch of color adds personality and flair to the room. Our living room upstairs is looking quite different these days, so look for an updated tour soon!

The fun (and smudged – sorry!) mirror is from IKEA, and the lamp, tray and decorative wicker balls are all clearance finds at Target. The black velour floor pillows are from a few seasons back at Target.

update no. 5: we ditched the builder-grade mirror in the upstairs bathroom in favor of a rectangle-shaped mirror in a black scroll finish.

here’s the before:


and here’s what our loo looks like today:


i suspect that we will eventually ditch the black finish on this mirror in favor of something more metallic, (especially if i convince Jord that we should paint the bathroom navy and add white beadboard – wouldn’t our large, chunky mirror refinished in gold or silver look fabulous?), but i’m loving the change for now.

what small-scale updates are you making around your home these days? i’m still on the hunt for some throw pillows with fun graphic prints that won’t require me to sell my soul away…any leads?

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  • gallery walls are my favorite!
    i am in LOVE with that bathroom mirror, OMG! where from!?
    Also – was it hard to deinstall the builder grade mirror? We have one I hate but I’m nervous it will be a nightmare to remove.

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