…3 unexpected spots to add personality to your business website.

From a copywriting perspective, whether you’re a service provider or a product-based business, your business website needs to offer your subscribers, visitors or customers a glimpse into the personality of your brand.

From Verizon to Canva, from 605 Running Company to Shop Dog Boutique, a business must embody and project a brand persona that not only lives out the values of the company, but also points to the uniqueness of its client base.

What, for instance, differentiates a frequent flyer on Southwest Airlines to a devoted customer of JetBlue? With one look at each website, it’s easy to see that the Southwest Airline customer appreciates a no-nonsense take on life and appreciates upfront, easy-to-read information, while the JetBlue flyer places more value on sustainability and might find themselves using quippy one-liners to charm their friends.

A talented copywriter can help you pack in the personality on your website pages, but if you’re looking to DIY your way to personality-punched copy, read on!

1) Headings.

When I was first blogging as a 20-something studying in the Twin Cities for a semester, I was all about the quirky page title. Instead of “Home,” I believe my navigation menu said “Casa,” which is Spanish for (you guessed it) “home.”

Most successful businesses today don’t deviate from the traditional page titles in their navigation menu, and wisely so – if you’re trying to sell a service or a product in a saturated marketplace (i.e. airline flights), you don’t want to stick out for the wrong reasons, like calling your “Book a Flight” page “Get Me Outta Here.”

But where some fun can be had? Headings. Take a look at JetBlue:

JetBlue’s use of the “Where on earth” tagline here is a punchy way to ask for destination information.

Or at Shop Dog:

If you’ve ever met a dog mom, you know that the use of this heading speaks volumes as to Shop Dog’s expertise – and the makeup of its staff.

2) Calls to Action (CTAs).

Much is talked about when it comes to Calls to Action (CTAs) in copywriting, and rightfully so – an effective CTA can make a client believe that clicking, inquiring, booking, or purchasing is not only desirable, but wise.

CTAs are also solid locations to inject some personality, like this example (again) from JetBlue:

“That’s hot.” Get it? Cuz Florida’s hot? :)

Or this one from graphic design platform Canva:

If Canva truly does what it says it can – makes it possible for everyone to do the designing…and for free – it’s easy to see why a visitor to this website wouldn’t hesitate to search for “Instagram Post” or “Email Signature.” It’s low-stakes in all senses of the word: users don’t have to log in or create an account (yet), and the words “everyone” and “free” are literally the lowest-stakes words in the English language.

3) Website Footer.

I love a good website footer. Sure, there are numerous requirements to check off when creating your business website’s footer, like copyright information, a privacy policy, etc.

But why does that mean the design has to be boring? Guess what – it doesn’t.

Check out my own website footer below:

My footer includes a CTA to join my newsletter, a photo of me, a mini About Me, and my Instagram feed.

And this one from Brass Hands, a stellar marketing company with, you guessed it, personality:

The best part of this footer is that it doesn’t start a new design or take on a different tone; instead, it simply builds upon the conversation that the website is already having with the user. If you’re wondering, the clickable items in this footer include the phrase “Let’s work together” and the platforms linked below. In addition, hovering over the Brass Hands logo calls up the navigation menu you see at the top of this image.

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