Embrace the writer within you!

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I've been teaching writing for nearly a decade, and I've been a storyteller much longer.

The desire to tell our stories bubbles up within all of us at some point in life.

Are you ready to answer that call?

Putting your success into words

It’s one thing to courageously show up as our authentic selves in our relationships; it’s another thing entirely to conduct our businesses that way.


Join me, friend, and let’s story-tell your way to a business that feels brave and uniquely YOU. Get cozy: I’m here for you.

Pretty images, inventive products, and excellent price points aren't enough to serve your people well -
and they definitely aren't enough to sell to them, either.

Leave the word magic to me.


I'm Sara.

When do you feel the most YOU - your TRUE self? For me, it's when I'm sharing my story, glass of Cabernet in hand, with someone who's game to do the same. And MY heart pumps JOY in serving business owners like YOU.

In business, storytelling is a uniter and an igniter, friend, and YOUR business should reflect YOUR heart.
The key to serving your people well - and selling to them, too - is to allow your clients to find pieces of themselves in YOU.

Let's team up to put words to YOUR stories - the beautiful and the difficult - that make YOUR business just that: YOURS .

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