Embrace the writer within you!

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I've been teaching writing for nearly a decade, and I've been a storyteller much longer.

The desire to tell our stories bubbles up within all of us at some point in life.

Are you ready to answer that call?





Hear Me Out…

I understand your desire to connect with others by sharing your stories:
I feel it, too.

In my work as a writing educator, I equip and inspire my students to share their stories using effective strategies and practices that I’ve developed in writing my own stories.

If you’re here because you’re ready to FINALLY quit the comparison game in favor of embracing and sharing the stories that have made you who you are, then you’re in the right place.

But where do you start?

Get cozy: I’m here for YOU.

Are you ready to embrace the stories that make you who you are?

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Meet Sara

I share my stories to document my life, to inspire and cheer for others, to make sense of my world, to seek guidance, to cope with hard things, and to reflect on all that's good. I work in higher education and have been teaching writing for eight years.

Are you ready to share YOUR story, the one that will foster your storytelling heart and allow you to reflect, to know yourself more, and to document the stories, beautiful or difficult, that have woven together into who YOU are?

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